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Resolved Paging belladonna - RESOLVED

Sep 5, 2011

    1. I would like to express my concern with the lack of contact I've been having from belladonna on a commission.

      I commissioned belladonna to paint my Volks Williams head earlier this year. I'd sent his head out (along with a fur wig) in early March. By April, I was on summer vacation and got really caught up in my own things/travelling that I didn't pursue contact that often with belladonna, just let her do her thing.

      By 7/10 I had received pictures of my finished doll head, which I approved of. I took a few days to send payment for her work (7/17), and on the 19th, she told me she'd send me a tracking number for his shipment out that Thursday (7/21).

      Again, I kept up the pattern of not trying to keep contact, and a few weeks passed before I realized I still hadn't received my head in the mail (or received a tracking number). I messaged belladonna on 8/9 to ask what was going on. She replied on 8/16, apologizing for her lack of contact due to moving and admitted she had only sent my head out that past weekend. She explained that once she was home from work, she'd send me a tracking number (or something variable to one, as she wasn't sure if I had one to begin with because I am also in Canada). I replied on 8/19, looking forward to hear from her again or at least have my head show up soon.

      I haven't had contact back from her since and my head hasn't shown up either. Seeing as we're both in Canada, I think it's unusual that it's taking so long to get here, even if my head was just sent via Regular Parcel. So I'm hoping it isn't lost somewhere.

      I've since tried to contact belladonna on 8/31, but have not yet received a reply.

      Ultimately, I'd simply like to reinstate contact with her as, regretfully, neither of us have been doing much of that throughout these past couple of months. Any kind of proof of shipment from her would be appreciated.

      Even so, if in the event that my Williams head is lost, I'd like to work together with belladonna to put forth the effort in finding him and if not found, I'd like to be compensated for his loss.
    2. Belladonna was last on the forum 1SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I've also been wondering where belladonna went. She received my Dream of Doll Calla head on 2/26 and sent me pictures of the finished faceup 7/13 and was delayed due to moving. I replied on 7/13 about shipment.

      At first, I assumed she'd shipped it and it would get here when it got here, but after about a month I realized I needed to contact her to make sure. I've not heard anything since messaging her on 8/20 about when she would ship my head back.

      Payment shouldn't be an issue as I paid all up front. However, if that payment didn't include shipping, I'm willing to send more more to get my head back. I have a hard believing she's still in the process of moving almost 2 months after finishing my head, and I know school started recently.

      I did not enter this commission thinking I would receive my doll head back in 2 weeks. I knew it would take a long time and I'm completely fine with that. I'm not even all that worried right now, I would just like some communication for an update.
    4. Hello,

      First let me send my deepest apologies for the incredible delay regarding your transactions. I regret to inform both silautumn and Devil's Trill that I have had shipment problems regarding the two of your packages as well as others I have shipped out the same day (8/14). I was unaware that these packages had not yet been received until I heard news from Canada Post in the form of post-slips just a few days ago. All four packages have been returned to me (others will be informed via a PM as well) due to the weight(s) not being properly marked down or marked down at all by the postal rep that was there at the time. All doll heads are safe and accounted for. I have again shipped out all packages after being reimbursed the shipment total by CanadaPost and will certainly be sending out all tracking numbers tonight (and posting them in this thread if necessary).

      I will be on the forum at all times to keep up with these transactions until they are finalized.
      Please contact me via PM
      as I would like to offer compensation to those who have been effected by this issue and we can work out a resolution in favor of the both of us (reimbursement on shipping etc.)

      I send my deepest apologies once more and hope that this issue does not leave a sour taste in the mouth of those who are involved. I appreciate all of the patience that has been spared for me thus far and hope to also make my commissioners happy once again.

    5. Update- All 4 tracking numbers have been sent out via PM's to those whose packages were delayed. Please let me know if they should be posted here as well.

    6. I got my tracking number, I'll consider this resolved when he arrives.
    7. Thank you for being so understanding, please let me know when he arrives! It should be today or Monday.
    8. Apologies for not posting sooner, I did indeed receive my head back safely. Not his wig though that I sent with I'm afraid--
    9. His wig was in the package, I placed it right on the side of the box. Please check the box. It is in a ziplock. Thanks.
    10. Sorry, I still haven't heard from you about this and my account remains limited because of this thread. Please advise, thanks.
    11. Apologies, it was indeed there, I just didn't see it the first time.

      Thank you for for work, belladonna. I consider this resolved.
    12. Thank you so much Devil's Trill, I apologize for all the trouble caused.
    13. silautumn ~ Have you had resolution?
    14. silautumn~ The tracking info shows you received your girl a few days ago, is everything okay?
    15. silautumn~ Waiting for your response so that my account no longer remains limited due to the paging status, thanks