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Unresolved Paging Belladurmiente87

Oct 28, 2007

    1. Edit:
      I have now received all money from Bella.
    2. I purchased something from her and haven't heard from her since last week. I've PMed her and got nothing. She gave me excuses too on why she didn't ship it out yet and said she was shipping it out last Tuesday and it hasn't got here yet. I hope everything is ok. ._.
    3. Did she say her car broke down? I'm sure that's true, but I do need my money. :sweat
    4. Hey guys I just saw this, I'll pm you guys haven't been online for a few days Sorry for not getting back to you.
    5. Ahh, good! Thanks for finding me~ :)
    6. I heard from her the other day as she apologised for taking so long to send something out to me. Poor girl said she hadn't been very well.
      She is also trying to deal with the casting of her own artist doll for orders so I imagine that is taking up a lot of her time, plus doing face up commissions.
    7. Got your reply! I was just worried ^^;
    8. Bumping up this thread because I still have not recieved two dolls that I sent to be customized by belladurmiente87. I HATE doing this. I do not want to leave anyone bad feedback but this has been going on for quite sometime. My Dollzone Wing was shipped directly to her in early September to recieve a faceup, body blushing, hand modification and two costumes. I recieved one picture of him but was highly impressed and very happy with her work. She is a GREAT customizer. So I decided to send my Iplehouse SooRi to her as well for a bodyblushing, wig styling and costume. This was in late September.
      She agreed to send Wing out at the beginning of October at which point she tells me that she forgot to send him and will do so in the next few days. He was supposedly lost to the mail system and then two weeks later arrived back to her and she promised to send him as well as my Iplehouse SooRi out by UPS. Both would be sent out by 2nd Day Air.
      I was sent a tracking number thru paypal on tuesday of last week. The tracking simply says Billing Information Recieved but not that it was sent at all. I pm'd her on Friday asking why he had not been sent out. She promised to send him out right then at that moment. Its now Tuesday there is still no update to the tracking number or any contact from her either telling me she couldn't mail them or that she di mail them. And I see that almost three other people have recieved packages and/or refunds from her during this time too.. Not sure how their packages were sent to them, if it was priority, express, etc.. but just kinda stings that others are recieving their goods and I'm not

      I have recieved a number of excuses, car breaking down, family members sick, stress. Which I completely understand and take as truth. I am currently under the stress of college, taking care of a 2 year old, driving 4 hours to and 4 hours from another city to help take care of my sick father, and dealing with prepartions for my husband deploying to Afghanistan. I DO understand stress and having to always find time to do things. But it has been nearly 2 months of her having my Wing and a month of having my SooRi, both of which I've been told where finished and sent out.

      This post is in NO WAY a reflection of belladurimente81's talent. I LOVE the faceup she gave my Spock and the picture of the costume she sent. Although I have only recieved one picture the whole time from her. I would choose to use her again if I simply could trust the shipping and contact from her. She did send me her phone number which I am unable to contact right now b/c I have an unworking cell phone and my husband and I share the other.. which he is almost always at work for training right now so its hard for me to use that method to contact her.

      I simply just want my dolls and what I paid for. I'm currently out alot of money right now over these dolls and modifications. The dolls themselves are worth 1000 dollars together and the amount I've paid her so far for everything is a little over 300 dollars. Not that the money matters... I just want the dolls... it just stings even more that I've spent that much money on them and I've only handled the SooRi for a day.

      Again I'm really sorry I had to do this but I want my dolls and I'm just simply worried about them arriving.
    9. Problem solved. She contacted me today and it should be here on Friday. I'll keep a watch for it. Once she does get everything under control personally, I do recommend her for faceups, she does a fab job.
    10. I'm bumping this too as I'm awaiting a pm to say the head I am waiting for has actually been dispatched this time and like Bluejedi81, I don't like having to do this publicly either. :(
    11. I got my order but there are 130 dollars worth of things missing. I would really like a refund. I really don't want to put out a problem transaction thread but if I don't hear anything by tomorrow I am.
    12. Bella hun I have sent you another pm as I have heard nothing that tells me exactly what the situation is. The one I got doesn't tell me whether you did post it at the weekend as you said you would 'without fail' (your exact words)

      As you know from a previous pm, you were given until today to tell me whether you had posted the Kumi head, if you didn't then you have been instructed to refund my money by Friday, and I have received no message at all. The pm I have just sent you is a final warning. If I hear nothing from you and you haven't done as you promised several times then tomorrow evening my time (GMT) I file a Paypal dispute.

      I really hate having to do this to you, I feel sick at the thought of being forced to give ultimatums but this has been dragged out long enough and the line has to be drawn somewhere.

      You're a lovely girl, very polite and I know things haven't been easy for you recently but this whole situation is making it a lot worse for everyone that is being left hanging. It's causing you stress, it's causing me and the others stress, but worse than that your reputation is being tarnished by your own hand.
      For your own sake hun, please get this sorted quickly.
    13. erm i am looking for her for a few other stuff as well asked someone to get to her... hmmmm?
    14. I am currently having trouble with a transaction I had with Belladurmiente87. At the beginning of September I commissioned Belladurimente for quite a few different things. I wanted a body blushing and faceup for a DZ Wing I had purchased. I also commissioned three different costumes from her. I saw a pic of the work she was doing so I decided to send her another doll for bodyblushing towards the end of September.

      At the beginning of October she told me she was finished with the costumes and the blushing and faceup for the DZ Wing and that she would send them out. After many promises it got sent out only to be lost to the mail and then come back to her. At this point I then paid another 20 dollars out of my pocket to have the DZ Wing and the other doll that I was having blushed sent together at the same time back to me. After two weeks of promises and having to page her in the problem feedback I finally got the dolls shipped out to me. This was last week that I finally recieved the dolls.

      The faceup wasn't completely like I wanted it but that was probably due to the fact of one of the pictures I sent beign a little off. So that I'm leaving to my own issues. The other problem is that the costumes I commissioned were not in the either of the dolls cases. The total of the costumes was 130 dollars. I've sent her numerous pm's, got her phone number only to have text messages not answered. I tried calling once but got a busy signal. I gave her the chance when I pm'd her this weekend to give me a tracking number for the costumes by today Nov 14, 2007. I have not recieved a tracking number or any contact. At this point I just want a refund.

      I know she is having some personal issues but I'm going into 2 1/2 months that I've been dealing with something that she said she could get it done in 2-3 weeks. I've tried to be understanding and keep it in pm's and personal contact. But at this point I'm out 130 dollars and would like it back.

      I would take the costumes if only I could trust she would ship them out. I've had so many problems with her shipping before that i can't trust the situation. I just want my 130 dollars back.

      I'm very sorry that I had to file a problem transaction because she is such a sweet person. But I didn't have any other option. I'm already over the time to file a paypal dispute. I just want my money back.
    15. I recieved a text message from her just now saying she sent it. *crosses fingers* hope it gets here in a decent amount of time.
    16. Like Bluejedi81 I am having problems with Belladurmiente87, she has made several empty promises to ship a head I purchased and I am out of pocket to the tune of $180 so to say I am unhappy is an understatement.

      In my case it started with a post I made concerning a Bambicrony Elf head. I could not afford a whole doll and so thought if I found a head I could purchase a normal 2 part body from Bambicrony at a later date. I wasn't bothered about an Elf body, I only wanted a head, Kumi in particular.
      My original post is here.
      I had 2 replies to my search, one from someone asking what I would pay for a Cookie head (they never said anything after that post) and one from Bella saying she had an Elf Kumi head, exactly what I was looking for. Needless to say I was delighted, I checked her feedback, asked to see photographic proof, then proceeded with the purchase. She offered to do a face up on the head for free which I thought was incredibly sweet of her, I in turn offered to try to do a portrait of one of her dolls if she wished as a thank you.
      She first said she'd do the face up and have it posted to me within a few days of the purchase....naturally I saw/heard nothing but did notice my name in the slots for commissions she had in her thread. I also was aware she was making and selling her own doll and so I let it pass as I thought she would be busy and under pressure.
      Weeks passed then I received a pm from her saying she completely forgot to post the Kumi head, it was ready to go, and that she would post it the following day, I replied that I hadn't said anything as I knew she was busy, she also mentioned she had been ill.
      Time passed again and nothing, meanwhile I received other purchases from other people in the US and Hong Kong albeit small items and so I contacted her again about it. She said little about the exact reason but that it would be posted to me 'without fail' that weekend.
      I heard nothing until I pm'd her a few days later saying if she hadn't posted it as promised that I wished a refund by Friday 16th. I got a reply which was incredibly vague and left me uncertain whether it had been posted or not but that she'd keep up her end of the bargain.
      I pm'd her again and said if I didn't get a clearer answer that I would be filing a Paypal dispute as my 45 days are nearly up and I can't keep waiting. Since then I have heard absolutely nothing.
      I have been however in contact with Bluejedi81 as she is in the same boat as I.

      I am very reasonable, I suffer severe clinical depression and stress myself and so know how it can affect people, I also know what it is like to take on more work than you can cope with and have repeatedly made that clear to Bella and given her the benefit of the doubt as a result.
      I can easily show anyone who asks the pms I have sent her and the replies I received.

      The line does have to be drawn somewhere though and I am now drawing it. I hate having to do this to such a sweet girl, the whole situation is actually making me ill, but I have no alternative. All she had to say was the truth, whether it be that she didn't actually do the face up, or that it didn't turn out right or perhaps that she dropped it and it got damaged but instead she chose to bury her head in the sand and hope it would go away.
      To rub salt into the wound she made several transactions with other people after and those all received their items but I have noticed most were straight forward purchases, no customising involved which has led me to the conclusion that the problem lies there, especially after talking with Bluejedi81.

      Bella has never been anything other than polite, that I cannot fault. She has however done herself a great disservice by not facing up to the fact she couldn't cope, the lies she has told to cover up the fact she's afraid to disappoint and admit she failed have now got her into severe trouble which is a dreadful shame.

      I only want either the head I paid for, or if that is now out of the question, my money back. $180 is a lot of money to me.
      In the past when I purchased anything I chose only to deal with those I know and trust here on DoA and from now on I'm afraid I will go back to that, I now no longer trust anyone but a select few.

      The Paypal dispute will now be opened and that will give Bella 20 days to sort this out, something I really hope she does for her own sake.
    17. I cross my fingers for you too hun and hope you receive it in a timely fashion!

      Best of luck!!
    18. Paypal dispute has now been opened, ball is now in Belladurmiente87's court.

      20 days to either receive the head I paid for or to get my money back.
    19. I wish you luck Kagari, I hope you do receive your items.
    20. Hey everyone, I've PM'd everyone that's contacted me, sorry for the late reply. I have not been online for the past two days, I'm trying to send everybody's stuff out so please be patient, I know I have no right to ask for it, with how patient everybody has been, and I really appreciate it. I just ask for a bit more patience. I promise you will receive your items, I'm just going through a difficult time right now. I don't expect everyone to understand, but I'm hoping that I can clear all of this up by the end of this weekend. If you have any questions please pm me. Or e-mail me at Nagusami87@yahoo.com I will try my best to answer. I will try to come online sometime later today.