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Resolved Paging Bellforge - RESOLVED

Sep 23, 2011

    1. Bellforge is the Group Leader in a Leekeworld Go. Although there are many people who have received their wigs, there are also a great many missing their packages. I unfortunately had to wait a little longer than everyone due to my wig not being sent by Leekeworld with the rest. However, Leekeworld sent the wig out and according to tracking the Go leader has had it since 9/19/2011. I asked her on the Go thread when she would be able to send out my two wigs and she hasn't responded. After that quite a few people have asked where their items are and still no response. Last time she was on was 9/18/11 and the last time she responded on the Go was 9/15. I would just like a response from her on our status.
    2. I, along with many other GO members, have been chatting about whether or not this is USPS or if it is just the GO leader, but one of them posted this morning with this reply-

      Starting to get worried that my wig might not come.. would like to hear from the GO leader.
    3. I would also like to see some activity by the GO leader...At first I just thought it was USPS being slow due to the recent closures, but two weeks have gone by and no sign of the package still is a bit excessive, especially since we're only a few states apart. I'm also starting to worry about my wig...
    4. Hope that all is well with Bellforge. I haven't received my package although I asked for Priority Mail. It's starting to be a bit of a worry that we haven't heard from her.
    5. Just dropping in. I PM'd Bellforge yesterday for an update. Hope all is well!
    6. Just adding to the list, no package here yet (I'm in the USA)
    7. I haven't received my wig and eyes yet either. Even for a shipment to Canada this is taking longer than usual so I hope to hear from Bellforge soon:)
    8. I have not received my order of one wig yet. We have not heard from Bellforge in a while. I hope all is well, but I am concerned... The post has been working fine for me otherwise...
    9. I, too, am in the Leeke World GO being run by Bellforge, and am still waiting for my one little wig...

      There hasn't been any weird postal issues on my end, and Bellforge hasn't posted any updates in a week, so I'm forced to conclude there is something wrong on her end. :\ I'm in the US, if that means anything to anyone.
    10. Bellforge was last on the forum 18SEP. She is now Being Paged. We will need every member who posts in here to post resolution as well. Thanks.
    11. Also waiting on a wig that was shipped priority.
    12. I'm waiting for one wig as well. I wasn't told if it was First Class or Priority, so I'm going to assume it was first class.
    13. I had asked for Priority mailing if possible for my order and still haven't received it. Bellforge PMed me on the 18th that my order was one of the last ones that she shipped out (the 12 or 13th I believe). My concern stems from the fact that I was part of a later LeekeWorld GO that has already arrived. I do hope that all is well with Bellforge, but I'm also worried about my order.
    14. I also joined this group order and have yet to receive my package. I had other parcels mailed out around the same time, and all have arrived just fine. Will update this if I received the package or get an update.
    15. I'm also a part of this group order & haven't received my (2) wigs, as of this post- they were shipped Priority, if I recall correctly. A response from Bellforge would be most welcome, and I do hope everything is alright with her. :'D Hopefully everything will sort itself out smoothly.
    16. Wow this is familiar. I'm part of this group order also. I haven't received my order either.
    17. I am also part of the GO and have not received the 4 wigs I ordered. It was to be mailed first class with DC, but I never got a DC number.
    18. I am also part of this group that have also not received my 1 wig I ordered.
    19. I am a part of this GO and have not received the wig I ordered. I'm getting very concerned- I've had two out of country packages to arrive to me already PLUS a set of eyes all sent out after my order from this GO supposedly was. :/. Hoping everything's well with Bellforge- just would like some contact.
    20. I am another Leeke pre-order GO member. I have not received my wigs yet either. It has been 11 mail delivery days from the date we were told all packages had been sent. I requested first class.