Resolved Paging bepsey007 - RESOLVED

Oct 23, 2011

    1. I feel I've waited long enough for a response, and I am concerned about this member.

      I am currently selling a Migidoll Ryu head on layaway to bepsey007. We agreed that a total of $260.46 USD would be paid within two months when she sent the first payment on 08-12-11. She was consistently having Internet troubles and regularly had bank/credit card issues, so we had no regular payment schedule. I was fine with this, as long as we kept up PMs. She sent payments on 8/12, 8/30, and 9/12, which amounted to $90.39.

      I last heard from bepsey007 on 9-21-11, when she said she'd get back to me by the end of the week. I sent a PM to her on 9-27-11 at 9:49PM to check up. I did not receive a response. I last sent a PM on 10-8-11, saying that I would be paging her within the coming week.

      I did say at first that payments were non-refundable, but I told her in the 10/8 PM that if she was going through financial hardship, I would refund the money she has paid as I have not yet spent it. Up until her last PM, she was very good about keeping me updated, so I want to make sure bepsey007 is alright and simply to get this transaction worked out.
    2. bepsey007 was last on the forum 27SEP. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Sorry only just got my Internet back should be able to pay the rest of the layaway ASAP will email drifts about the situation
    4. Bepsey007 just got back to me! We're planning on finishing out the transaction. :)
    5. Do you consider this resolved?
    6. Was this transaction ever resolved?
    7. So sorry this took so long! Bepsey007 has finished payment, and I am sending out the package soon, so yes I consider it resolved. :)