Mar 2, 2010

    1. Hi. I purchased some shoes and a shirt from BEYOND a little over a week ago and she said she sent it, but the tracking number doesn't/hasn't worked at all and now she's been banned?

      any insight as to what I should do? I emailed her paypal address, but I can't seem to get her.

      (if this isn't okay or in the right place, I do apologize!)
    2. I got help! Thanks! Hoping I can get contact!
    3. Got everything sorted thank to the people that PM'd me in respones to this. I REALLY REALLY appreciate help. Thanks so much. Sorry for the short problem.. it was just worrisome.
    4. I purchased a vest from her and I recieved it today. I never checked the tracking now I see she is banned :/ but I am just telling you I got everything in order.
    5. Thanks. someone in the fourm helped me out. For one, she typo'd the tracking number. So that's why I couldn't find out where it was, but I was worried.