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paging Blacklight - RESOLVED NO ONE AT FAULT

Dec 12, 2008

    1. Blacklight ran the Hellboy 2 Nuada minimee head group order and everything went fine until the heads were due to be shipped out. She broke her phone and used our GO shipping money to get a new one.

      11-20-08- she supposedly ships my head.
      She asks us if any of us have received our tracking number. We have not, because she's the one that possesses them. Once she figures this out:

      Koji's was mailed same day as mine.

      11-25 Koji reports head received.


      So even though my head is on the same receipt as Koji's, my tracking numbers have been lost, and disconcertingly, I have also not received my head.

      Blacklight was gone over Thanksgiving break. I posted a few worried messages in the Nuada head waiting room. When she got back this was posted.

      On 12-01-08, she PMs me with a number, but it doesn't track anything.

      Blacklight has since begun the dreaming group order for Nuada. I have not received further word from her. I know she had college exams, and she posted in the dreaming order that she would soon be going to her parents without internet access, so I sent her a message on 12-10 asking for some resolution before she goes completely missing until January.

      She logged on after I sent that first message and I received no reply. I sent another message on 12-11, reiterating the previous. Then this morning I sent another, relaying that I would begin this thread if still no reply.

      Let me honestly say that I don't think she is trying to scam me or in any way be a bad person. I think she is honest and just horribly uninformed about the way the postal service works and the amount of responsibility that the organizer of a group order needs to be ready for.

      I feel like there is no concern or effort being made to aquire the right tracking number, or find out when the insurance claim may be initiated. I believe she has carelessly left for her vacation until JANUARY without even bothering to respond to me or provide me with contact information. I am disappointed, rather than angry, as like I mentioned above, I do not believe she has malicious intention.

      I will keep this thread updated with either the ultimate insanely late arrival of my Nuada minimee head, or a refund of all my money, which are the only acceptable endings.
    2. Just an update that Blacklight did contact me now and also contacted her post office and said that she cannot make a claim until 30 days have passed. The situation is not resolved, and it sounds like it will be unable to be resolved until January, but communication is back and the effort towards resolution resumed. :)
    3. RESOLVED!

      The Nuada head arrived just extremely late. The postmark says that she mailed it exactly when she said she did and the box is literally covered in priority labels, so I think this is just a case of the postal service being the bad guy.

      Blacklight is very honest and I appreciate her communication through this. Please put a smiley. :)