Paging Blackpaperbag - RESOLVED

Jun 7, 2010

    1. i'm still waiting on a tracking number and my JDF Lepus.
      i finished paying off my layaway and postage on 9th april 2010 and i'm still waiting.
      in 2 days it will have been 2 months since payment was completed.

      i know my messages have been read as i request read receipts for them but i still have been waiting for a reply to my last message that was read on the 4th. Even a quick line to say she's on the case would have been appreciated.

      i feel i have been patient and polite and don't like to post things like this up, but i feel like i'm never going to get my doll (or worst case scenario, my money back.)

      I do understand that real life can happen and get in the way and i was grateful for the long layaway blackpaperbag gave me, but please if you're selling something at least be honest if posting will take you such a long time...

      Please can i have a refund or my Lepus.
    2. Blackpaperbag was last on the forum 4JUN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Hi maggot, I'm really sorry about the lack of reply from the last PM, I was rushing out and didn't have time to reply, and unfortunately my internet got cut off between then and now so I only just got back online. I've just sent you a PM with the tracking number.
    4. Hello, My last layaway Payment was cleared on May 30th ( it is now Jun 12th ) and I have not received a PM or message.
      I would like to know when my doll-body would be shipped out, I also would like the EMS tracking number when it is shipped.

    5. Hi Elysion gear, I'm sorry but I didn't even notice it myself, since being an echeck it took a while to clear and I don't check my paypal regularly. I only found out when you PMed me yesterday (which I just saw and am replying to now) to say it cleared and you've posted a paging notice for me at the same time as PMing me. You could have just given me a few days to reply to the PM at least. Anyway, unfortunately I just left the country this morning so I will only be able to ship it out when I get back.

      Both you and maggot asked for long layaways, and yours took longer than was originally agreed on (which I was totally fine with), so I hope I can ask for a bit of patience on your part as well since I've tried all along to be helpful and my working hours then are different to what they are now, and it's much harder for me to get to the post office during office hours.
    6. all my issues now resolved, thanks very much.
      thread can be closed for me now thanks.
    7. I received my item weeks ago, I'msorry that I didn't update. :S