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Resolved Paging Blaknite - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Apr 22, 2011

    1. I participated in a Luts Split hosted by Blaknite. After many problem of them getting the actual shipment and then shipping it to participants I blieve only myself and one other person have not gotten our shipments. However, I have both PMed them and posted in the thread about not getting my shipment and have not gotten a response from Blaknite at all. They have been slow to respond to PM's but to not get a response after a week is too long. I would like a response on what happened to my shipment.

      I sent them a PM on 4/18 and 4/21 and I posted on the the Split thread on 4/19 and 4/21. No response from them at all.

      I have paid a total of $101 to them for my split items, this is alot of money to lose on if the Split leader has now disappeared.
    2. Blaknite was last on the forum 18APR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Still no response, realized I never received a delivery confirmation number which means it probably was never shipped. On the first page of her group order thread she says the shipping pays for delivery confirmation. I've sent another PM today.
    4. Thank you InvisibleWings. I've now sent her a message on Livejournal as well.
    5. It's disheartening to have to end up in yet another paging thread. :| I am also waiting on items from that split and have also received no response to my messages, even when she has posted on the forum here after I sent her a message. I am waiting on a wig, some wig caps, and another item (since a second wig was out of stock, I gave her a couple of options to replace with in the order, which she never notified me what was used as the replacement in the order).
    6. i too participated in the lutz go for a pair of shoes and a crown hair accessory. Blanite sent me a message that the package was shipped and i'm still waiting for it to arrive.
    7. Sorry one more thing to add. this was on april 7 that she messaged me to say my items were shipped. i live in Canada so the items may take a little longer to get here.
    8. I never received a direct email from Blaknite that my specific items had been mailed. She asked me for my address back on 3/28, which I replied to promptly. I asked when we could expect things to ship on 4/6 (no response). In the GO thread, she said on 4/10 that all items had been mailed, but there hasn't been any communication since. I sent a question on 4/19, but since she hasn't been on the forum since 4/18, again, no response from her. If I need to re-order items, I'd really like to know soon before anything is sold out. *grumble* Still, if everything was sent out, it doesn't take this long to ship from IL to NY.
    9. Still no response from Blaknite anywhere... I think we all may be out of our items.
    10. I lost internet at home for a while, the whole building lost comcast signal.

      I have contacted both people and will be checking with the post office in the morning and then letting them know the status as soon as I return from the PO.

      I live in a small town and the post office sometimes has problems.
    11. Talked to the post office on Thursday. The post master said she would check into the missing packages and give me a call back when she found something

      Today she gave me a call a little after 1 and said there were 4 boxes with my return address on them and all 4 had severe damage to them or were busted open. I will be getting those back this afternoon and making sure all the items are alright and repackage them and remail them when I head to Chicago Monday.
    12. Any missing or broken items I will refund.
    13. could you tell us which packages were returned? It's now May 9 and i still have not received my package. I just want to know if i will get a refund so that i can place another order with another go instead since it seems that my package has gone missing.
    14. Echoing Susy I'd like to know the same information. Is my package one of the ones returned, is anything missing?
    15. Any new info yet Blaknite?
    16. Yet again Blaknite has vanished from the forum. I've asked her im PM, here in the paging thread and in the Luts Go thread for another update after she went to get the packages that were returned to her. She has not responded anywhere since 5/7/11 but she was last on the forum on 5/10/11. I don't understand why she doesn't respond to messages.
    17. does this mean we won't get a refund nor our packages? this is so upsetting to me.
    18. Well hopefully if she responds they will remove the ban. I really would like my stuff or a refund. I obviously did a Go because I couldn't afford to pay it all on my own. I feel so f*cked in this Go considering everyone else got their stuff.
    19. Well i agree with you there too. is it just you and i who still haven't received our items? Again i find it strange how some people got thier items and others did not. i don't understand what's up with that.