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Paging Blakrose - RESOLVED

Feb 23, 2009

    1. On 28/11/08 I contacted Blakrose regarding a Moony she was selling.
      I asked if she was interested in a trade, to which she agreed to.

      After numerous PMs I finally got out of her what she wanted and for what sized doll.
      I made the doll clothing, to which she was happy with. So happy that she commissioned me for a Cosplay outfit.

      Once payment was made it was agreed to wait to ship both outfits out together, to save on postage costs.

      Once I finished the items, I showed her the photos, and after some nudging, she finally responded.

      10/02/09 I sent the items via registered international air-mail, and sent her the tracking number.

      11/02/09 I sent her my postage details

      17/02/09 I PMed her asking if she had yet sent the doll

      19/02/09 I sent the following message:

      I don't want to do this, however you are not responding to my question, as to if you have posted the doll or not.
      So this leaves me to conclude, that you possibly haven't, and possibly do not have any intention of doing so.
      If this is not the case, PLEASE respond.
      If you haven't replied by tomorrow, I will be forced to open a paging thread, as the clothing was sent OVER one week ago.
      I really do hope you send the doll though, as I had plans on giving this to my little girl for her Birthday.As I said, I didn't want to do this, and I don't mean to be rude, but you have left me hanging in the lurch.



      P.s: When your items do arrivve, they will be under my partner's name.

      To which she responded:

      Originally Posted by blakrose
      Sorry work has been really hard, lately. I haven't been getting home until after 6pm, and then I just want to go to bed.

      And I have been planning on sending your stuff out as soon as your shipment leaves, but according to that tracking number it hasn't even left Australia. I have been burned once for a doll, I am not sending anything unless I know I am getting something in return.

      I then sent her the following message in frustration:

      Auspost internet tracking hasn't been working.
      I actually need to phone the company to track, so I assure you, it has been sent.
      Even with an extra gift.
      If you feel I will burn you, why would I go to such length to make the clothing?

      After sending this message, I called Auspost to track the clothing, they told me it was in LA ready for dispatch, and it could now be tracked via the USPS site, so I PMed her with this information and received NO response.

      23/02/09 I asked her if she intended on sending the doll, and if she did not respond by the following day, I will be posting a PAGING thread.

      Since her last response to me, she has been online at least three times and has not responded.

      What I would like to see as a resolution:

      Either the doll sent immediately.
      The doll clothing returned once she receives it.
      Or a payment of US$90 for the clothing I sent for the trade.

      I didn't want it to come down to this, but it really does not seem I will be seeing anything back from all my hard work and expense's :|
    2. hope this help you a bit, i just talked to tina. (like 2min ago)

      she's sending the doll monday, she just recieved your items on saturday. she was just worried the items hadn't been sent. and had been waiting on the tracking to update. she doesn't get on doa often i'm afraid.

      but i also informed her of your thread. so she will probably be on soon to inform you of all this herself.
    3. I just PMed you the Tracking number, between work and class tonight I shipped everything out.
    4. Resolved - Doll with a few extras arrived today. Thank you