Unresolved Paging Bloodberry_Rose (Banned)

Jul 20, 2011

    1. I had bought a RS/bbb sd 60 cm body from Bloodberry_Rose. We had come to an agreement on price and i sent a payment on 6/16 for $150 witch incuded. I had thought it was a RS sd body, that y i went with that price, but then wen i got a good look @ it i say it was a Bobobie so i talked with him about it and ew agreed on the new price of $115 including shipping and he was going to send the difference back to me When he go money. It is not 7/19 and i still have not body. First there was the issue that he had send it, but he had messed up on my address so it go sent back to him. I was informed that it had been sent back on 7/2 that it had showed up back @ the house by there sibling since he was away. that same day i resent my address to make sure they had it. On 7/6 i was contacted by Bloodberry_rose and he was really sorry about what happen and said he would try to get it sent out on the the 6th. I said that was ok, things happen, no prob. since then I have sent him several messages with no response and i dont want to just keep massaging him. He has not been on since the 4th i have notice. I sent him a message today saying that if you have not sent out the body yet that i would just not want to buy it anymore and to please send me my money back. Til this day i check the mail every day, and my mom is home everyday when the comes. so i know i have not received it yet. -_- I have 4 days left to start a dispute on paypal and if i do not hear back with in that time, i may just start one.
    2. Bloodberry_Rose was last on the forum 3JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. So much time has and still no work from him -_-
    4. Ment word not work
    5. Still have yet to receive any contact from Bllodberry_rose. He has been on once since then and i sent him a massage b/c he was on and got nothing. i really would just like my money back >_<
    6. Bloodberry_Rose was last on the forum 27OCT.