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Paging Bloodlath - RESOLVED

Apr 6, 2009

    1. I feel awful to do this, but I'm starting to get a bit worried.

      Bloodlath and I agreed to trade dolls a few weeks ago. It was agreed that I would ship my doll out on April 1st, and she would ship out April 2nd (I had to ship earlier then the agreed date, it was the only day I could get to the post)

      I shipped my end on April 1st and provided her with the tracking that night. She promised me mine would be shipped April 2nd, and I would also get tracking that night.

      It is now April 06 and I haven't heard anything from her :( Normally this would be too early for me to post something like this, but I am concerned because I have been tracking my end on Canada Post, and it arrived safely yesterday, so now my doll has arrived to her house but I haven't heard anything from her regarding her doll being sent to me.

      I'm not accusing anyone of anything, I'm worried that perhaps something has happened to her in real life and she hasn't gotten a chance to get online or something. I'm patient and I understand that sometimes stuff happens, so if something is delaying her (personal issues, emergency, health, etc) I'm fine with waiting a bit longer, I'd just like a quick heads up, and maybe a confirmation that my side arrived intact and ok? She has been very nice and quick to respond throughout the entire transaction so that is why I'm worried :)

      If anyone knows bloodlath irl could you please let me know how she is doing, or ask her to contact me through PM on DOA? I check daily so I should be able to reply immediately.

      Thanks very much :( I'm sorry if this IS jumping the gun a bit, I am just very concerned. If I don't get any answer I will post more details and PMs.
    2. Hello there,

      Having computer promblems talked wuith you on the 1st that was being mailed on the 2nd. Post package on the second. As you can see this is my first time on DoA since.
      Hope you recieve package shortly.
    3. Hi Senna, thanks SO MUCH for contacting me, I totally understand about the computer stuff and I am pming you back right now :D
    4. Quick update, Senna and I have been in communication, she has mentioned she is having computer problems so she is not on often. Unfortunately, I still have not received a tracking number, it may have been misplaced? The doll has not yet arrived, if it was shipped expressmail on April the 2nd (I was assured it was) it should have arrived this week. I am wondering if perhaps it was accidentally sent priority or first class, which would explain the delay, and hopefully I will get a PM back whenever Senna is able to solve her computer issues. I would open a trace on the parcel, but without a tracking number there is no way of finding it :(
    5. Issue resolved! The doll was accidentally shipped regular mail, but she got here perfectly ok, and Senna was very kind to agree to split my end of express shipping with me. She was very communicative and reasonable, despite having computer issues, and I couldn't be happier with the swap!

      Mods, please mark this as resolved if you could <3