Unresolved Paging Bloodyrose82

Aug 8, 2008

    1. I have a modified Shiwoo head on layaway for Bloodyrose82, and I haven't heard from her in over a month. She's only one payment away from having paid the full amount, and since I haven't heard from her, I'm wondering if she's alright, or if she has regretted the deal.
      The head is still waiting, and I can't do anything, neither ship it, pay her back or sell it to someone else, until I know more.

      I hope she sees this.
    2. Question to the mods.

      She has still not contacted me in any way, and I gave her an ultimatum saying that she should contact me within a week or the head would go back up on auction, and I would give her back the amount of money she's paid until now.

      So mods, am I in my right to do this? Or should I just still wait for her? I'm very unsure whether or not I'm crossing any lines here, but I feel very poorly treated by this user.
    3. Leechy ~ The moderators do not and can not get involved in Marketplace transactions. This member has not been on the forum since 21AUG.
    4. I bought a Nanae head from her back in June. She says her mother shipped it out insured, but apparently it got lost in their small post office which is closing down. She said she'd look into it, but the last time I heard from her was August 21st. She gave me her email address, but nothing from there since then as well.
      Up until August, she was very good about communicating, but has not replied since.
      I'd really like some resolution here.
    5. Zagzagel - Thanks for your reply, I just couldn't figure out if I would get into trouble on DoA if I chose to act in this fashion.
      I've made my choice. Thanks for the feedback!
    6. I also purchased an item from Bloodyrose82. It was a pair of gumdrop eyes, in May. They were lost in the mail, and apparently returned to her. She sent them again, but they still have not arrived. I was promised a refund, but have not heard from her since August 21st...
    7. My problem transaction with Bloodyroses82 is resolved. I emailed her, and she admitted that she had thought she shipped the head, but found it when she searched.
      Glad the trouble is now over.
    8. Shelly- That's great!! An odd excuse, but it's wonderful that you have your Nanae!!

      I just heard from Bloodyrose82, and she explained that she had been ill and not that much online, only to check email (I don't think this is a very good excuse, but then again, I'm a bit of a bitch)

      I've answered her about a possible way to solve the problem, and am currently awaiting reply.
    9. Received my refund. The eyes had arrived back to her again, so it's all resolved now.
    10. I'm still waiting for Bloodyrose to reply my most recent PM which was sent to her on 10-14-2008 hope to hear from her soon, as others have expressed interest in the head she has on layaway which has been on layaway since 02-05-2008.
    11. So, I've finally decided to put the head back up for sale, as I've still not heard anything from BloodyRose.
      It was not an easy decision, but seeing as she has not contacted me even with this ongoing disbute, I feel I am in the right.

      Thanks for the advise people. I hope everyone else resolves their problem with this user.