Resolved Paging bloodyrose82

Apr 28, 2010

    1. bloodyrose82 entered a layaway with me for my F34 head with faceup. The layaway plan was to consist of 6 payments sent every two weeks, starting from the date of receipt of the initial deposit.

      So far I have received 4 payments, and her 5th payment was due last week. I experienced difficulty in contacting her for the 4th payment, but it was easily rectified when I sent her a DoA PM as she'd told me that her email had been classifying my emails as spam. She replied my PM and sent me the payment shortly after.

      Her last e-mail to me was dated 17th April letting me know that she'd sent payment; I sent her a reminder on the 20th, and two PMs via DoA on the 22nd, and 26th of April.

      If anyone has alternate means to contact her, please let her know to get in touch with me, or send me a message as to how I may contact her. I hope she's alright and everything's fine; I would really like to complete this transaction and ship the head out to her, but if she is unable to get back to me by the due date of the final payment [6th May] I may have to cancel the layaway and relist the head for sale. :(
    2. bloodyrose82 was last on the forum 25APR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Oops...forgot to add to the original post; with regards to the e-mail that I received on the 17th of April which notified me of the 4th payment that had been sent earlier that day, the actual due date for that payment was 8th April.
    4. I'd already replied to your email prior to this but I assume that you hadn't received it, hence this page. I've sent you a pm on here, and another email just in case. So I assume this page is resolved now? Thanks!
    5. bloodyrose82 has gotten in contact with me :) This can be closed ^^