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Resolved Paging bpanda - RESOLVED

Jun 9, 2011

    1. I rather not to do this but I have lost contact with bpanda for almost 1 month and I still not yet receive my items nor responds.

      Back in Dec. 2010, I joined a split held by bpanda for Volks SD17 Williams that she won from USA lottery.
      (The link to the original split thread is here : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...24-SD17-Williams-(wig-head-eyes-outfit-boots))

      Bpanda asked me to send the payment via bank transfer so the funds would be in her account before Volks charged her credit card, I agreeded and made my payment next day. Then we waited for Volks' Shipment until March 2011.

      As people here on DOA started to receive shipping notice from Volks at early March, I didn't receive any notice from bpanda until I pm her. On 03/27, she replied that she just got back from Asia and would pick up the doll during the weekend and I waited.
      After a week I heard nothing back from her, so I pm her again on 04/12. She replied on 04/19 said she was on business trip in UK so she wasn't be able to pick up the doll last time, but she would do so over the weekend.

      On 04/25 I received a message from bpanda said she picked up the doll at Volks store in LA and would ship my parts next week.(Which are the Head ( + papers + eyes)+ wig and outfit ( + boots)).
      I waited for a week and didn't receive any shipping information so I sent her a pm on 05/05 and asked when would she ship the items. She replied on 05/07 said she would ship it within few days then I waited patiently for another 2 weeks but received nothing. I pm her again on 05/19 asked about the shipment but received no replies since then.
      I saw her logged on 05/27 and wondered why didn't she reply to me.
      Later I tried to sent her a message again but her inbox is full, so I sent an email to her personal email on 06/01 and also posted on the split thread on 06/02.
      Today is 06/08 and still nothing. It has been a month since her last contact so I have no choices but to page her.
      If anyone here knows her personally, please let her know that I'm waiting for her responds.
      Any information would be appreciated!!
      Hopefully she will get back to me and finish this transaction soon.
    2. bpanda was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Haven't received anything :(
      Bpanda haven't logged in since then.
      I'll try to send her an email again and hopefully I'll receive a respond from her.
    4. Sent her an email on 6/18, still no replies.
    5. bpanda last returned to the forum on 15JUN.
    6. Thank you Zagzagael! Her inbox is still full so I guess I've to keep emailing her...
    7. Yesterday I received a email from Bpanda, surprisily. She said she will ship the items out shortly, hopefully I won't wait for too long this time.:sweat
      Will update againe if any news!
    8. Hi cat2hall! Again, thanks for being so patient and sorry for the long wait. Your Williams is sent out, please check mail for tracking number.

      BTW didn't realize I got paged until today, appreciate the heads up Mods.
    9. I've revived my items from Bpanda yesterday(08/08). She offered a free shipping as an apology for the delay. I consider the problem is resolved now. Thanks!