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Resolved Paging Bread17 - RESOLVED

Apr 25, 2012

    1. I sent Bread17 my MNF Chloe head back in late February/early March to paint. At the time, her commission thread said faceups would take about a month.

      At the two month mark, I finally received preview pictures of my Chloe. I respect Bread’s talent and all, but the faceup she did on my girl was absolutely awful and not at all what I wanted. I specifically asked for no dots on the corners of the mouth, which I got. (She says the corners of the mouth are to deep giving that illusion but I have seen plenty of Chloes without said issue.) Not only that but the painting on the lips was horribly uneven. The lip paint goes down much further on the ride side in the photo than on the left. Not only that but the eyebrows are awful, the blushing is uneven, and the colors used make my girl look sick or jaundiced. This is NOT what I asked for and not what I waited two months (when the stated time was one or so) for.

      Her communication has been severally lacking so I asked Bread to wipe the faceup and send my MNF head back. I said I would pay for return shipping, but I want my girl back blank. I am not paying for a faceup that is nothing like what I asked for, and I don’t want to wait another month or two to see If she can do a better job. I want her home so I can send her to a different artist. I do not want to have another two months of no attempt to even tell me how things are going.

      I told Bread this very clearly. Instead of sending my head back, she sent more pictures and seems intent on redoing my girl’s lips. This is NOT what I want.
      I told her to send my girl back immediately. As she has not done so and since it has been nearly a week without a word, I am paging her.

      What I want: My MNF Chloe returned to me with the faceup wiped. I am willing to pay the return shipping, but I will NOT pay for the awful faceup she currently has and I will NOT give Bread another chance to do what I specifically asked for the first time.
    2. Bread17 was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. My mon got ill and I spent several days with her in hospital.
      So I wasn't be able to reply in time.

      The faceup is not uneven. The picture was took under poor light so the result seems not good enough.
      I used a little bit yellow color to blush her eyeshadows, just want her to look cuter --- In my previous commissions, people always like the results.
      I did paint the faceup as Suppi told me to do. I treat each commisson with careful but I also can understand that Suppi doesn't like the result and want me to clear the faceup and send her baby back.

      I've already packaged her baby's head (with her friend's breakaway) and was about to send the package out this weekend or early next week.

      Sorry for the troubles.
    4. I can understand illness and family emergencies but a month without so much as a peep? I cannot accept that.

      Though the lips are uneven. The new pictures you sent me didn't have a frontal view where the problem is most obvious. I asked for something cute and feel like I got sickly.

      However I'm glad to see that they're finally being sent out. I'll update this thread when I have a tracking number.
    5. [​IMG]

      Here are the pics I took in better light.
      I didn't provide the front view, because Suppi told me she still hated the faceup after seeing the first two pics.
      So I clean the faceup and packaged her head.

      But in the above pics, I really cannot tell where the uneven blushing is.
      People commission me, and I always treature their trust.

      Suppi sent me an email telling me that she would like me to send her baby back at April. 20,
      I spent several days with my Mom so I didn't reply her in time, just prepared the package.

      She paged me here six days later, without sending me any more message.

      I'm so sorry for the delay of reply, but I still want to say that I'VE NEVER DISAPPEARED FOR ANY REASON DURING THE SIX YEARS.
      So next time, please try contact me first, thank you^^
    6. By the way, I offered to repaint the lips (because she said doesn't want lip lines AFTER I finish the faceup), but Suppi still liked me to clean her girl and send her back. : )
    7. I paged you because you didn't reply to my last e-mail about me still being unhappy with the 'new' photos.

      So I figured you were honestly just going to try and repaint my doll. You seemed so stubborn in the fact that everything was perfect when it's obviously not. I also mentioned I didn't like the yellow around the eyes, so what good would repainting just the lips do me? It'd still hate the biggest part of the face-up.

      I would usually not pitch a a fit over uneven lips like that but I have waited two months, was going to pay top dollar, and the entire time communication has been terrible. This is the most I've heard from you the entire time as well.

      If you had shipped my head the first time I asked instead of waiting until after the 20th to send me new pictures we wouldn't be here right now.
    8. You said you'd like a natural faceup in light and soft colors, so I painted your girl this way.
      Sorry, I didn't mention the word "perfect".

      What I mean is that I take each commission carefully and seriously, you can tell me you don't like my styles, but please don't question my conscientiousness.

      BTW, the colors of the eyeshadows can be changed too. But anyway, I've already cleaned her and finished packaging.

      I'll PM you the tracking as soon as I send them out.
    9. I finally got the heads back today in good condition but with the face mask missing from my Chloe. :/

      I'm willing to let that go though since I finally got my girl back and consider this resolved.