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Resolved Paging brilcrist - RESOLVED

Sep 22, 2011

    1. Brilcrist is participating in a Minimee GO I am running. She had requested DIM send her head to her directly to save shipping, but she did not provide a shipping address, so DIM sent her head to me with the others. I have tried contacting her through PM and e-mails for several months to get a shipping address to send her this head, but have not received a response. I just hope she's OK.

      If anyone knows her or talks to her, would you let her know I have her head and need her to contact me? I need to know where to send this head or what she wants done with it if she no longer wants it.

      Thanks so much!
    2. Brilcrist was last on the forum 17SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. hi.
      i've been away from DoA coz i can't access the website from my office's internet. login here several times but i just got 404 message coz the access was blocked from server IP address. so i dont even have any idea that the head was finished.

      i already contact weirdnessmagnet via Deviantart and i asked her to keep the head for me first (FYI: i already paid FULL for the head, only the shipping that i havent paid yet) and i will pay her later after i moving back to indonesia sometimes around october/november. coz at the moment i'm moving to different country and don have time deaing with this stuff.

      please understand my situation.
    4. anyway, weirdnessmagnet
      if u want me topay shippingfirst, i can send payment in advance, right now.
      let me know how much the shipping from your location to indonesia (bandung)

      the only problem is, i dont have any complete shipping address i can give u at the moment, beside the country and the city name, and i've been moved back n forth from singapore to indonesia 3 times a week to find a new place and it's already gave me stress, extra headache dealing with it and i'm not interested dealing with another missed/lost package if u send it now. please do understand.

      so yeah, dear. lemme know the shipping estimation from US to Bandung, indonesia

      my apologize for the trouble.
    5. I have responded to Brilcrist's private message. I have requested she pay for shipping now to my PayPal address and I will prepare the head for shipping, and will ship as soon as she sends me her new shipping address.

      I have also requested she send the address to me by November 21, as I will be in the busy season with my work after that and will not be able to go to the post office easily.

      Mods, thank you for your assistance.
    6. Please update when you ship the head. Thank you.
    7. Mods, Brilcrist opted to have me pay her for the head. I have sent payment via PayPal personal payment of $100.00 (so I paid the PP fees). I consider this matter concluded and if you require other information please let me know. Otherwise, this paging is done. I thank everyone for their help.