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Paging BrilliantlyBlonde - RESOLVED

Jun 27, 2009

    1. I never thought I'd have to do one of these...

      On the 4-14-2009 I contacted BrilliantlyBlonde about an MSD wig. Here's the original PM:

      She confirmed that she could and would ship to england. I was sent a photo of the wig, an owner photo so on the 22nd of April I send her $20.

      It's needless to say the items never arrived.

      When I asked her about this on the 14th of may, an entire month after I first agreed to buy the wig I sent this PM:

      She replied:

      I replied with:

      The first one didn't turn up.

      On the 24th of May (10 days instead of a week) I send:

      BrillantlyBlonde tells me her computer has been hit by a virus and asks for my address again. I give it with empathy, truely believing it's lost in the mail and she's being uber kind sending me a second.

      12th of June. Still no wig.

      She doesn't reply to me. I send this to both her email(s) (I can't remember offhand if there were more than two, but I sent it to all available addresses) and her PM on the 17th of June:

      I haven't heard back from her yet.


      Mods, I'm requesting this to be turned into a paging thread I just want my wig or my $20 back...!
    2. BrilliantlyBlonde was last on the forum 27MAY. She is now Being Paged, please keep this thread updated with resolution!
    3. BB has not yet replied to me.

      Has she been online since 27MAY?
    4. Hyouri ~ I'm sorry, no.
    5. She does not have a computer at the moment, but I can get in contact with her and I sent Hyouri a pm from BB
    6. I got a PM from Dark Angel, explaining what was going on.

      As BB is now out of 2 wigs, and I don't think she scammed me at all, I'm not going to ask for any sort of refund.

      Please consider this matter resolved. It wasn't her fault, and I can only blame the post for the lost wigs.

      Thank you
    7. Hyouri ~ It's good to hear that you feel this matter is resolved in a positive way, however, could you be a bit more clear about how it got resolved? Thanks!
    8. Hi there, yes I'm happy to elabourate!

      The whole way through the transaction BB was perfectly polite and decent, and I truely believe she did everything she could to make the transaction work.

      Unfortunatly for both of us, the postal system really did a downer on us. It's possible they'll still arrive, but who knows.

      I felt $20 was a bit petty, especially as BB is now out of 2 wigs. I decided to drop the matter after I got some contact, which was delayed thanks to a house move.

      However, if both the wigs /do/ arrive, I will immediatly send one back to her.

      Thus, I consider it resolved and have marked it down to bad luck.