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Paging broken - RESOLVED

Jan 22, 2009

    1. Nothing bad to report, but I would like to get in touch with her soon.

      Basically, I am going to the Feb. SD Owner's Appreciation Event, and I am helping several people obtain the YOs from the event. Broken messaged me on the 23rd of November asking for my assistance with obtaining two of the dolls, and I gladly accepted. I updated her mid-December double-checking to see if she still wanted the dolls before I placed the order, and she confirmed that she did. I received the invoice and paid for the dolls on the 10th of January, and waited until the credit card charge cleared before messaging everyone with amounts.

      In short, I have messaged broken regarding the dolls on the 14th, the 17th, and the 20th, and have received no response. She was normally excellent about getting back quickly, so I am a bit worried. No money has been exchanged yet, but the transaction was agreed upon and reconfirmed. I have however already paid for them myself.

      I just want a message saying that she's still around, if she wants to back out of the transaction, that's fine, but I would like advance notice so I can arrange other alternatives. :)

      I hope you are doing well, broken! :)
    2. It has been four more days, and I have still received no response to my PMs. Broken, if you see this, please send me a message!
    3. Another four days have passed, and no response.
    4. Four more days and counting~
    5. The dolls are arriving any day now, and I know broken has been on these forums and posted since I posted this. Really, Broken, if you don't want them, just let me know!
    6. Broken has been on the forum as recently as 2/2/09. She is now in the Being Paged usergroup.
    7. Anrui Ukimi ~ If this transaction has been resolved - please post so that it can be closed and broken taken out of the Being Paged group! Thank you.
    8. Oops! Sorry, this slipped my mind.

      Broken did get in contact with me, although the transaction has not yet been completed (still waiting on the items.) Feel free to take her out of the group, I will post again if I have any issues later. Thank you!