Paging Broken - RESOLVED

May 4, 2009

    1. I have recently sold a SD10 boy body to Broken who wasn't happy the purchase.
      She claimed the body was "Bad condition"

      First PM:
      Also In apology for the late delivery I had sent a few free gifts which she said was 'covered' in animal hair.

      In Her PM's she wasn't very grateful and had requested that I send her "Compensation" for the undisclosed. "Damages".

      I have Offered to buy the body if she wasn't happy with it, and she agreed for the full refund.

      Most resent PM:

      However, I do not agree to sending her Extra $$ other then what she paid me to have him shipped back.
      I will take this up with Paypal if she claims that she wants more for additional shipping charges.

      I will not pay her a penny more to have my doll shipped back. It not fair that I should pay twice to have him shipped.

      Original sales Thread:

      The asking price for the body was: $300
      Recommending shipping: $30 (Express post, fast and automatically insured for the Value declared on the slip below.)

      Total: $330

      Posted below are the are Shipping receipts,

      The full refund for SD10 boy body paid for by Broken has been issued, with the clearing date on May 12th
      Since the funds are in my bank account and will take time to clear.

      I have frozen all of my marketplace transactions on DoA. Untill I have the doll back in my possession.


      Shipping Receipts:
      (Highlighted exactly how much Shipping was)

      The copy of the Expresspost/ Customs Declaration slip signed by me:
    2. Please change to a paging thread, The refund is complete Broken now has her money back and my doll, Broken still refuses to send my doll back. ><
    3. update.
      She had PM'd saying that she will post photos of the damages, but since she has her money back I believe that it is moot and that the so called damaged doll body is not longer her possession and is not her problem anymore.

      I have phoned-called a Paypal agent and they agreed that since I had refunded everything including the cost of shipping, I do not owe her anything more.

      If I do not receive my doll back within a reasonable amount of time I will file a dispute with paypal. and will take feather action if necessary.
    4. It has been 3 weeks since the refund, and I still have yet to see my doll.

      Broken has disappeared from the Forum, her last (Rude) message to me was on May 11th.

      I have tried to contact her, But if I do not receive a reply from her in next week, I will ask to trun this paging thread into a Negative feedback for a "Stolen Doll" and I will take legal action for my stolen property.
    5. Update, I can not open a dispute through paypal because the Agent said that Since I refunded her the money, it is imposable for me to open a dispute, however they had advised me to turn to the Police dept in her home city to report her as a Fraud.
      The police on my side of the border are also willing to help me if any action come to that.
      Paypal is willing to help me out as well.

      If you see or have any contact with Broken or through any of her Emails Please direct her to this thread.

      If I do not receive a response from her in the next couple of days I will contact the police dept in her area.

      (( I don't think that I can post up her Emails here without the permission.))
    6. Update,

      I have my Doll back.

      I would like to send out my thanks to the DoA member who helped me get my doll back. :)
    7. Elysion gear ~ do you consider this resolved then?
    8. Yes, I consider it resolved.