Paging cacophobia! - RESOLVED

Jul 14, 2009

    1. I'm paging cacophobia! to get status on when / if she has shipped a doll, Blue BBB Moony
      . I apologies
      if this is premature, but I may be with out intenent
      access in a few days and want this sorted out.

      I paid immediately
      after we agreed on a price with shipping and communication the first night was great...for the most part, looking back there were some unanswered questions, but really they were little things. And I talked to her via msn to make sure she got my payment as well she answered the questions.

      After that I messaged her on Friday to see if she shipped. I contacted her both via PM on DOA and msn
      , no answer.

      She replied to me via PM on Saturday saying there were issues, and she had not shipped due to something that came up. And that she was shipping Monday. I replied saying I understood, because
      things do come up and to please let me know when she shipped.

      I haven't heard from her since, and she has been online both here and on MSN. I just would like to know whats going on. I do have everything saved from our conversations if need be.

      But really cacophobia! just let me know what's going on. Thanks!
    2. Even though no Mod has upgraded this, I am going to update. Since a few events have happened since I opened the paging thread. I will give a date/time frame for the event. If need be I have copies of all communication.

      Tuesday July 14th 8:24am
      I messaged the seller via MSN to let her know I was paging her on DOA

      Tuesday July 14th 11:07am
      I received a message from the sellers mother (she was actually the paypal account holder I sent the money to). Saying she(the mother) was going to ship that day and I would be contacted with the tracking number.

      Tuesday July 14th 8:23pm
      I replied saying that I was waiting on the tracking number. And let her mother know I was paging her via DOA

      Wednesday July 15th 1:10pm
      I e-mailed the mother to enquire about the shipping status and/or the tracking number

      Wednesday July 15th 7:00pm
      I e-mailed the mother saying: If I don't hear from you by tomorrow (July 16th) by 8pm MDT I will be opening a complaint via paypal. Please let me know.

      Wednesday July 15th 7:05pm
      Messaged the same message as above to seller's msn

      Wednesday July 15th 7:20pm - 8:30pm aprox
      With the help of Tallenvyaere tried to find an alternate way of contacting seller. This included facebook, aim, myspace.

      Wednesday July 15th 8:30pm (aprox)
      Found a cell number for seller

      Wednesday July 15th 8:46pm - 9:38pm
      Text messaged seller and received messages back. Seller says that doll is shipped, but doesn't have the shipping number with her.

      Wednesday July 15th 9:29pm
      Received a message from seller's sister (Kuma Smash!) saying that her sister had been in contact with her. And that she (the sister) was going to be in contact with her mother about tracking, if there was indeed tracking.

      Again, just a short list of what has happened. All conversations, text messages, PMs and e-mails have been saved. I am still sticking by starting a paypal claim if I don't receive word about the shipping number.
    3. Update:

      Thursday July 16th 12am
      Kuma Smash! (seller's sister) sent me a copy of the receipt, shipping form and a tracking number.

      Thursday July 16th 9am
      Tracking number finally showing up

      I've had very limited contact with the actual seller and thank her sister for doing the leg work of getting me informed.

      I'd like to keep this untill the doll actually arrives.
    4. The doll arrived it amazing condition today. Although I am happy with the doll.

      The lack of communication, the number of people invovled on her end (most who were little to no help except Kuma Smash!) the broken promises on more the one occasion of proof of shipping and packing. the mark down of value and the overcharge of shipping all made this process heart wrenching, stressful and not something I'd ever want to do again.