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Resolved Paging cadolls - RESOLVED

Apr 12, 2011

    1. It has been well over two weeks since I contacted Cadolls about selling her my Impldoll Pinky LE 50. She requested I try to send her USPS with a budget of $15, but that unfortunately was impossible for me to do. I could not find any boxes that would fit the doll and her own box properly, and my Post Master was uncomfortable with mailing her off wrapped in bubble wrap and brown packing paper to the point he refused to mail her off. I had no choice but to ship the doll to Cadolls via UPS for almost $20 more than what I was given for shipping costs. I have been trying in vain to contact Cadolls to try and get compensation for the money I am out for mailing her the doll, as well as to give her the tracking number and let her know when the doll was to arrive. I have not had any contact from her since March 29th, 2011. I am somewhat upset by this, and would like to see a resolution as soon as possible. Thank you.
    2. cadolls was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Pinky arrived Friday in good shape. I wanted to receive her first before sending you additional shipping of $18 requested which has now been sent although you agreed to ship for $15. I do want you to know that I received a doll sent from the east coast in a bigger box and heavier by one pound-shipping parcel post was $14.35. I shipped a full sized BJD in a much larger box weight 7 pounds UPS to NY from CA cost was $21.40. A small YoSd size weighing under 4 pounds should not have cost $33 even if shipped priority. Shipping costs for all of us are getting higher, that is why I requested parcel post or UPS