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Paging -cain- - RESOLVED

Dec 29, 2009

    1. Does anyone know if she is okay? She has not been on DoA since Dec 9. I'm really hoping she is okay and nothing has happened. But she sounded like she was busy or had been sick.

      We were in the middle of a trade when I last heard from her, and I've never received her item, a pair of white SD jeans from Dollmore.

      On Dec 2, she sent me a PM saying to go ahead and send my items, a crochet shawl and hat, and gave me here PayPal for me to send her shipping for the item. I sent her the $2.50 to ship me the jeans w/delivery confirmation and then mailed her package. According to USPS, the package arrived on Dec 7. In her PM, she said she couldn't go that weekend, but it would next week before she could ship.

      I have not heard from her since, but it appears she hasn't been on DoA.

      I really hope she is okay. I know the trade took longer than usual since I made the shawl and hat in her color choice and between myself and the kid, we went through bronchitis and the flu three times and I was very slow in getting the items crochethed. In one of our PMs it sounded like maybe she'd been sick as well.
    2. -cain- was last on the forum 9DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hey, I'm here. Sorry, a string of bad events and now I'm back home (I was at my parents for a couple of weeks). I'll be ready to send out the owed pants tomorrow afternoon. I'll PM Kyrenea now.
    4. PM received. I'm glad you're okay.

      I'll post once the package arrives.
    5. I received the package today.