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Unresolved Paging CalicoCameo - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jun 13, 2012

    1. Hi there! This is just to prod things along a bit--this is the transaction:

      On June 1st, Calico and I agreed to trade a WS Soom Monthy Doll Cuprit head and certificate (from Calico, listed in her MP threads), and I would, in exchange, send a Lavender Migma head and 110.00 to make up the difference in value between the rarer Cuprit head and the Migma head. On June 2nd I PayPal'd 130.00 to cover postage from Canada and fees (where the head was coming from, though Calico asked that the Migma head be sent to an address in Tampa), and sent the Migma head and some miscellanous extras to Calico, who PM'd me back to say they were received.

      She also wrote the Cuprit head would go out Tuesday, June 4th, from Canada. Exactly as promised, the package was sent from Vancouver and I received it Thursday, June 6th, and I opened it to find the Cuprit face in beautiful condition, as well as some Hand Glass eyes...but no headcap, and no certificate. I wrote back immediately Thursday to Calico--no answer, PM'd again Friday, thinking that the headcap might have slipped out of the packaging. She answered Friday and said she had the certificate and the headcap but that "things had been hectic" and she had simply forgotten to send them (!) and that they would go out first thing on Monday, June 11th. I haven't heard anything from her since, though she bumped some wig threads on June 10th.

      I realize that I am being twitchy and nervous, but the cost of the Cuprit head, the sporadic PMs, and the fact that I myself will be moving soon makes me want to get the headcap asap. I am less concerned about the certificate--I know from personal experience they can grow legs and disappear, and I am not planning on selling the Cuprit head since she isn't a fullset or even much of a collectible now that Soom is reissuing sculpts. I just want to be able to wig the poor girl!

      Thanks for your time!
    2. CalicoCameo was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thanks so much!
    4. I just want to edit that the amount sent was 120.00 USD via Credit Card PayPal, transaction date June 1st.
    5. I'm happy to say I got a response this evening!

    6. And one more PM Calico sent to answer my questions:
    7. And an additional update from Calico:

    8. [​IMG]

      not looking so good so far..but sometimes things update as they are delivered, so I am faintly hopeful...
    9. Once again there has been no update on the tracking. Since it was done through PayPal, and once the item is within the USPS system PayPal sends a cheery notice that "Your Package has been shipped." I have not received this notice and I can only conclude the headcap and the certificate have not in fact been shipped.
      Since I have all the paperwork of what I sent from the post office here, and the PayPal documentation of this transaction, if I do not hear from CalicoCameo or receive a package by Friday, June 22nd, 2012 I will begin using PayPal's Resolution process. I think 22 days is adequate to ship a head and a certificate within the US postal system, especially as the face portion arrived here from Canada within 3 days.
    10. [​IMG]

      Still no movement.
    11. [​IMG]

      I assume that CalicoCameo is now aware of the Friday deadline. As a side note, the return address and the signature on the Customs form matched, so I assume that the friend sent it, since people don't normally forge signatures on international documents. I kept all the packaging, by the way, and did screen caps of all the PMs regarding price negotiations, even though the original MP thread was edited to remove the prices and the photo. The descriptions and the trade list are adequate for what I need.
    12. Significantly Not as Described dispute Open: Case #PP-001-831-878-305

      PayPal dispute opened.
    13. And I am willing to admit when I am a dumbass, and can't read posting times; I owe Calico an apology for misreading the gallery posting times. I'm also perfectly willing to admit to being cranky and paranoid, and less than polite.

      Calico, if you would just mail the stuff, let's mark this resolved and over.
    14. If I'm not mistaken, she is in fact away, as I saw her at Metrocon this past weekend. From what I've come to understand, she lives in Florida, so if the head came from Canada, there's a third party involved here.

      As for the tracking number, it looks like she purchased the label and whomever is in possession of the headcap has simply failed to use that label, or failed to ship it yet.
    15. I think that is what is making me crankiest--even if you are travelling, there is a post office somewhere and if it's under 13 ounces it can just be plopped in a mailbox. Thank you for the information!
    16. I am also waiting on communication from CalicoCameo. I contacted her on June 5th to purchase a littlefee head back. Payment was made between June 7-8th to her paypal account. As of June 10th, I was told she had to wait until that Monday to ship it out. I sent an additional pm asking if she had sent it and if there was a tracking number to refer to. I am going to wait until the 25th for communication and or recipet of package. If by that evening I have not received a valid tracking number or communication I plan to open a paypal dispute.
    17. The tracking number I received is still not active.

      Good luck to you as well, Leeza~Kat.
    18. After some thought I have come to the conclusion that Calico does not have the headcap and the certificate. I would love to be proved wrong. I am escalating my attempt at resolution to a Dispute on net Wednesday, June 27th, and simply request a refund of the money sent, which can be used to make some kind of makeshift headcap. Calico has not tried to contact me either via email, PM or through the Resolution Center at PayPal.
    19. I am very sorry to hear this happen to you and I can't help but feel that I unknowingly had a hand in creating this mess. :(

      CalicoCameo had contacted me on May 13th regarding the free face up services that I was offering and was looking to send me 5 heads to do which she had liked to have them done by mid-June to make it in time for a big convention. She told me she would be mailing it out later that day (May 13th) or the next day. As she had told me she wanted five heads done and back to her by mid-June, I told her I would try my best but I would need the heads with me as soon as possible. When she hadn't contacted me with shipping information, I sent her a PM on the 15th asking if the heads had been shipped yet. I was also a bit worried about it as I saw that she was trying to sell two of the heads that she was planning on sending to me to paint (one of which was the Soom Cuprit) and she was still bumping the FS threads daily.

      I get a reply on the 17th telling me that she had shipped 3 of the 5 heads to me. One of which was the Cuprit.

      The heads arrive on the 22nd. All three heads came with out head caps (I can provide a photo that I had taken upon opening of the parcel). CalicoCameo had PMed me earlier asking me to do the face ups for the two heads first as she wanted them back faster. i let her know that I would try my best but seeing as they didn't arrive until the 28th and she needed them back with her by June 15th, it was pushing it a bit.

      On June 1st, I get a PM from her:
      I did not realize that while the head was in my possession, she had continued bumping her FS thread/had not taken it down...

      I shipped the head out re-packaged carefully with my own box and some extra padding of my own on June 5th via Canada Post's Small Packet Air option as per what she had told me and refunded her $2 for shipping as it turned out less.

      Her last PM to me was on June 5th asking me for the tracking number of the parcel to which I replied explaining to her that the Small Packet Air option does not come with tracking which I had clearly stated in a previous PM where I gave her the shipping quotes and options.

      My last PM to her was on June 14th regarding her face up commission. Her last contact with me was on June 5th. She had not let me know that the Cuprit head had arrived and neither did she tell me that the head was being sent to her buyer and about the missing head cap problems.

      I hope this gets resolved for you soon and that my side of the story answers some questions for you. As to why the head was shipped to you from Vancouver and under a different name.....