Resolved Paging Caracco - RESOLVED

Mar 15, 2011

    1. I sent Caracco my SDF Abadon head sometime in late November for a faceup and it arrived early December. She didn't start working on it until sometime in January because certain things arose which were totally understandable on her behalf. However, I haven't heard from her since the 15th or so in January and she hasn't been on since the 26th of January and so I'm posting this thread out of concern for her and I'm just wondering what happened? It's almost been two months. I've dealt with her before and she was so polite, gracious and quick with to reply.

      This thread is by no means negative feedback, just wanting to know whats going on with the transaction and would love her to contact me.
    2. Caracco was last on the forum 25JAN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I know her personally and will try to see if i can let her know shes being paged tomorrow. :)
    4. :) thanks so much Laelen!! Yeah, she contacted me today so I'm glad for that.

      I guess we can consider this thread closed then. Thanks!
    5. Okay, received the head today so this thread can really be closed. :) thanks.