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paging CarolineLA - RESOLVED

Jan 9, 2010

    1. Hi, I'm looking for the person that advertised the ebay auction on Volks SD16 clothing and shoes sold via Shopitla ebay seller.


      I am in Europe and I know that shipping can take longer, but I am waiting since november 12th and the tracking still says "shipping label requested/no indication of item actually shipped".

      Not what I expected at a shipping cost of $45.00. I have had complete dolls shipped from the US faster and for less money.

      The ebay auction house told me they will investigate with the USPS, I should have heard back about this after Christmas, but I heard nothing. I sent an email at the beginning of this week to ask about that and to let them know that I'll charge back the money via the credit card company if the items do not show up until the beginning of february but got no reaction.

      I don't know if they will charge back the original seller, but maybe it is in their interest to push the USPS investigation. I would really prefer to receive the goods, any help is greatly appreciated.:...(

      If this is posted in the wrong category, please replace it to the right one.

      Thanks, Biggy
    2. Biggy ~ the seller is CarolineLA. She was last on the forum 8JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Biggy, I am sorry about the problem. I have sold a number of items using ShopitLA and this is the first time there has been a problem. They charge about a 50% commission and they have already paid me my 50%. I will call them when they open and ask what the problem is.
    4. Biggy, I called the ShopitLA store and Amy, the owner, says the post office has lost the package and it is insured and she is going to refund your money. I will follow-up and make sure she does the refund.
    5. Hi CarolineLA,

      that would be great, thank you. The tracking number is


      you can look for your self that it hasn't updated since novemer 11th.

      I had asked them to contact the USPS and was told that they did and it should take about two weeks. That two weeks ended after Christmas and I never heard back from them since and they don't reply to my emails.

      Hugs, Biggy
    6. That is not the news I was hoping for.:( I was so looking forward to the clothes and shoes as it was such a good deal. But thank you for your effort and the money back is sure better than nothing at all. If I'll receive it, of course. I will never deal with shopitLA again for sure!
    7. I see that the status on USPS is:
      Label/Receipt Number: CJ23 4967 907U S
      Class: Priority Mail International Parcels
      Service(s): International Parcels
      Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

      No updates after that. I will follow-up with Amy.
    8. Thank you CarolineLa, I was notified by Amy and by pay pal that she has refund the money. But still I would prefer the goods.
    9. Biggy, I am sorry you did not receive them. They were lovely clothes and shoes.:(
    10. Amy sent me an email saying she refunded the money and she said it could take 2-3 months for the post office to investigate.