Resolved Paging Catas - RESOLVED

Sep 13, 2011

    1. I commissioned a Cat21 gown from Catas for my Zenith girl I paid promptly and waited and got a tracking # when it was finished. I received the gown in a timely manner the problem with it is one sleeve is stitched badly making one side all gathered and twisted so it doesn't sit right on a doll I contacted her right away and told her of the problem waited and got no response to my Pms, then sent three photos of the gown and the problem area as promised in my first Pm, still no response though she has read all four of the Pms and was on DOA the same time as I, she has yet to respond to any of the Pms I sent and I am begining to wonder if she will , I hope this okay to post I really just want to send the gown back for a correction if need be, but her not contacting me is making me wonder if she intends to contact me or now on this matter, I can of course go to paypal but I really dont see what the problem could be or why she would be avoiding answering me. I hope she will see this and drop me a Pm so I know what my next step should be.
    2. Catas was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you Zagzagael Catas has now contacted me about the gown and says she will send another, It is a lovely gown and I look forward to it's arrival. I am sure it was just an oversite as her gowns are simply gorgeous and I am happy to report that she so graciously offered to remedy this quickly. : )
    4. Please update this thread when you receive the dress.
    5. I received shaDrouet's PM about "the clothes has problem and she was going to send pics very soon." during last weekend.
      so I was waiting for her pics, but I went out because we have 3 days middle autumon vacation in China.
      Today I just log in DOA at 11:00 AM(local time), after opened DOA pages then i left for a for a while.
      I just read her the PM which included your pics.
      Afterthat, I refresh the page I got a new PM.
      I explain everything below to her.
      I really don't know why shaDrouet are so in hurry and push me so hard.
      Maybe I shouldn't just wait her pics without any reply.

      I also explained to shaDrouet in my last PM about:
      the clothes was inspected before we shipped it out. After discussion with my partner. We couldn't understand what happened. But it doesn't matter, we like to provide 2 solution way.
      1. we send the outfit payment back to shaDrouet without shipping charge. and she doesn't need to send the outfit back.
      2. we will make a new dress to shaDrouet with free shipping, and she can keep the old one.

      Also I agree shaDrouet to open a claim on PAYPAL if she don't feel safe at her last PM.

      Then I got my PAGED here.

      Here I kept my promise and I received shaDrouet's anwer from her new reply.
      I will send a new outfit to her by free shipping.
      I will send her pic before I send the outfit in case there's anything couldn't make her satisfied.
      shaDrouet can open each claim both on DOA and PAYPAL but need to close them after everthing finish.
    6. new outfit's pics have been sent, shaDrouet accpeted it.
      new outfit has been sent on Sept. 21
    7. A lovely new gown showed up.. please close this thread as I am quite happy with the results of this wonderful seller and how she handled this.. thank you