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Unresolved Paging celyne22 (scammer) - MEMBER BANNED

Nov 15, 2006

    1. Paging celyne22

      Please conatct me reagrding the Luts Delf EL boy doll I purchsed. I haven't gotten any e-mails from you or PM in 8 days.

    2. Please contact me too:((

    3. Same here, although if others are having problems, maybe I'll just go ahead and finish filing my paypal claim.
    4. This is not good. I sent a lot of cash to her and still nothing. I am going to have to go e-mail Paypal my self.:(
    5. I just checked her feedback thread, she has all seller feedback, not anything from buyers. She doesn't seem to have any recent posts either.
      I hope you guys get your dolls, or your money back soon!
    6. i hope i'm get my faceplate soon:(
    7. I just open a "Item Not Received Dispute". I don't even want the doll now, I just want the 600+ I sent her.:(

      This is not the way to do things.

    8. is she recieveing the PMs Ok ?
      DOA pmS have been crazy for me this week
      I just wondered if they were acting up for her too ?
      she bought a body and wigs from me , the transaction went through fine

      hope it works out OK for you all
    9. I sent her a few e-mail to the only one e-mail I got from her. I also sent a few PM's.
      Its nice to write back if someone bought something from her.

    10. I've sent her numerous PMs, and Emails. Let's face it...she's not responding. The second she recieved my last payment for the body I bought from her, the PMs stopped.
    11. This was going to be my first doll and now I don't know if I'll get one.

      All I want is my cash.
    12. Did all of you pay with paypal? If so open a dispute immediately! I cannot stress this enough. This is not a tiny amount of money that you all spend. If nothing else this will at least get a response since paypal freezes the account right away. And don't let your seller put you off saying it will come in a day or two. If they say they just shipped it wait a decent amount of time to receive it. DO NOTclose any paypal dispute until it is to your satisfaction, NEVER just take your sellers word when they are very sketchy with their pm's. (ie. either you have your item or your money is refunded.) You can always repay the person the amount if your receive your goods after things are settled in your favor.

      I had this happen and I got my money back because of their buyer protection. Another time it was amazing how fast my item was shipped after I filed the claim. (I buy a lot on Ebay)

      I hope this helps.
    13. Yes I did pay with Paypal and I did open a dispute. Now I have to wait 20 days and then the next step.
      This really bites.:(
      I'm out for a lot of money.
    14. Yes, but with patience you will prevail. There are some very good sellers here on the forums that are extremely reliable, it is terrible that you had to have the problem with your very first doll. I am crossing my fingers that this will be resolved quickly.
    15. Thank you saranilla
      With 615 bucks out there, I don't know what to do but wait.
    16. celyne22 is a friend of mine.

      She phone me yesterday and she was totally panicked because of what happens to her.

      She has never had any El or other doll you have bought.

      Someone stole all her accounts (DoA, paypal...Everything). She has lost everything.

      She is very panicked because she doesn't speak english very well (mine isn't better but I can't let her in her actual situation).

      She makes all is possible to regulate that as fast as possible. But she can't do anything for you or refound your money because she has never seen it.

      I hope that everybody will be refund by paypal as quickly as possible.

      She can't even connect here on DoA...
    17. I just open a "Item Not Received Dispute" too...I hope i'm get my faceplate soon;(
    18. Is anyone can tell me where you send the money (the mail adress)? I want to know if it is her account or not.

      I hope you will be refund aya22!
    19. The thing that I don't understand is that when I look in the profile of Celyne22 to see the selling threads there is nothing for an El or a lusis faceplate... Have this messages been erased? Strange affair...
    20. i post 11days ago that I search for Unoa Lusis faceplate and she has written to me