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Jan 8, 2012

    1. I didn't want to do this, but I just feel I have to as I don't know what else I can do...

      I purchased a Soom Keny from Chibi and paid her in full December 7. We agreed she would do a face-up and ship him out before Christmas. She promissed to show me final pictures of the doll on December 20.
      She didn't and disappeared from DOA December 23. I sent her several messages but she doesn't reply.
      I would understand if she messaged me and said she had problems or whatever. But she disappeared and I don't know what to think of!

      I really hope Chibe will message me and ship the doll I paid for! I hope this will be happily resolved.
    2. Chibi was last on the forum 23DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I have been getting nervous as well. I bought her tan York and paid in full on the 2nd of December. I also went for a faceup and hoped he would be shipped out before Christmas.
      I got a reply from her on the 15th apologizing for the delay, but she's having some "major changes beeing done in the house like modifying the kitchen and bathrooms, and since all the eletricity part of the house is also beeing changed, I've spent a few days without internet or a computer."
      I then noticed she updated her Flikr account with photos of the faceups (both York and Kenny) on the 19th.
      But I still haven't received any word from her since that PM on the 15th, and there have been no updated photos of the faceup(s). It's getting perilously close to running out of time for a chargeback from Paypal, but I really would rather have the doll (plus clothes and faceup per the deal).
      But it does look like Kenny is at least done.
    4. aernath, on December 19 she also told me about "huge modifications beeing done to the house, so I had kind of an alergic crysis and had to stay in bed. For the past week today is the day I'm feeling better! I'm still coughting a bit, but besides that I'm fine ^^ So I'm working on your Keny and also the SOOM Idealian I've sold, so I can ship them before christmas!".
      She sent me the flickr link with the pictures of Keny, the doll hasn't been finished yet (no heart, glitter, gloss yet) and I expected to see final pics of him on December 20.
      "Later tonight I'll have pictures of little Keny with the heart and the glitter ^^"
      But I haven't heard from her since that message...
    5. Darn. I was hoping at least your doll was done. :(
      Still no word here either.
    6. Chibi bought a delf miyu from me early december, put 168 down of the 500 for her. I'm hoping she's ok! I wonder if anyone knows her IRL?
    7. Sorry, it was 158.57 actually she had sent ^^;
    8. Well, I've just opened a dispute (not a claim yet) through Paypal to hopefully get some communication going. It's been over four weeks now with no word or updated photos.
      I do hope she's all right, and just hasn't gotten to a computer for some reason.
      I sent her $1300 the 2nd of December, so I'm a little concerned by this point. :sweat
    9. Another week gone, and I've still gotten no word...
    10. I just Pmed Chibi about a Breccia head that I have on layaway with her! I'm ready to pay my final payment, so I hope she's fine and turns up soon! ><* I'm kinda worried because no one has heard from her recently. It seems as if there are quite a few of us.
    11. No word from her either. I PMed her stating she has two weeks to get in contact with me about her layaway for my miyu, and if not i'm going to refund her minus 25 percent (non-refundable deposit)

      I really hope that she's ok though, I know life can get crazy sometimes.
    12. Just wanted to say, I finally received a PM today from her, and looks like my boy will be in the mail shortly! :dance
      Hoping the rest of you have been contacted as well, and will get everything resolved soon!
      She's going through a rough patch, and will hopefully be all right.
    13. I just read a message from Chibi. She gave me a tracking number.
      Hope she will resolve all the problems she has and she will be OK.
    14. Oh, I just saw this thread now.

      I would like to say that I passed for everything you (Helga and aernath) last year with chibi. I am from Brazil too, and I bought 2 heads from her in a brazillian forum.

      She only sell the head with face-up. Ok. She took more than one month just saying she would begin the face-ups next week. She disappeared two times. In the end she proposed me to refund the face-up money and send the heads nude.

      She send the heads. I took a few time to see my account and there was no deposit with the face-ups money there. I PMed her, she asked my account information and took 3 weeks to pay it back. And when I send her PMs asking when she would refund me, she didn't answer.

      That is: It was the worst negotiation I've ever had. She is really slow, but she send the heads and refunded the face-up.
    15. Still haven't heard anything from Chibi. I last sent her a PM yesterday.
    16. Thank you for that information, talic-os! Now we know this isn't a first time incident, and more like an emerging trend. :(
      I still haven't gotten a tracking number or final photo of the finished faceup of my doll. Haven't heard anything from her since that one PM on the 22nd.
    17. Chibi was last on the forum 21JAN.
    18. Okay, still no word from her (and no doll), and I was almost out of time for upgrading my Paypal dispute to a claim, so I've now escalated my dispute to a Claim. Paypal will be looking into my transaction with her, and hopefully that will shake some response from her.
    19. The tracking number I was given by Chibi can't be tracked on EMS website. It doesn't really look like an EMS tracking number either and I paid Livia for EMS. If she really sent the doll via EMS, he should have been here already.
      And if she sent the doll via regular Brazilian post, I'm not sure if I receive him. It's a great risk to send the doll via regular post. My sister is a postcrosser and she says it takes a postcard from Brazil 40-60 days to arrive in Russia, and many times postcards or letters lost on the way to her.
      I sent her a message on January 23 asking where I could track the doll. No response since that time.
    20. Chibi was last on the forum 27DEC.