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Paging ChibiInuTsuzuki - RESOLVED

Jul 23, 2007

    1. Back on March 25th I had commissioned ChibiInuTsuzuki to make an Eureka 7 cosplay outfit for my 1/4 doll. The agreed on date to have the outfit by was May 25th. I promptly sent my full payment on the 25th of March, the same day I made my commission with her. Fast forward to June 10th. Having recieved no news at all about the status of my now late commission I sent a PM. I was then told that there had been some difficulty obtaining the correct color fabrics for my commission and that it would be started and finished soon. The 22nd of June rolls around and I sent out another PM inquiring about the commission. I recieve a reply on the 29th of June stating that my order was nearly complete and that pictures of the progress would be emailed to me. It is now nearly a whole month after said pictures were promised and I have recieved NOTHING. No pictures, no PMs, no progress whatsoever. I have sent several PMs and have yet to recieve any responses. I'm at a loss of what to do.
    2. O-O.....I just put a boy body on layaway with her like...3 days ago. Shes been very quick and helpfull with me. I'll contact her for you and mention it, hopefully everythings just a big misunderstanding ^^
    3. ^_^ I just recieved a PM from her and photos of the outfit. I guess there was a mixup with her outlook and thats why i never recieved the email with the photos. I'm extremely relieved.
    4. I have absolutely had it... It is now DECEMBER and I have neither the outfit I had commissioned NOR a refund of any sort. All I have gotten are excuse after excuse. At this point I just want my money back. For someone who is on DOA nearly daily, it is terribly unacceptable and completely unbusiness-like conduct for the buyer to have to hunt down the seller through PMs in order to get anywhere. Any sort of conversation what so ever I have had to initiate myself. 9 months is an unacceptable amount of time. I understand that unexpected things may, can and do come up. But honestly if it wasn't something that could be completed in a REASONABLE amount of time, why take the commission? At this point I just want a full refund.
    5. Oi! I actually live right by ChibiInuTsuzuki! I bought my first doll, and she asked me if she could try a Eureka 7 cosplay on my doll. I'm guessing that is your dress. I had no idea it was commissioned so long ago.

      If you are still interested in it, I can guarantee that the dress is done, and it fits my new girl body DOD Bee-A. I don't know Eureka 7 so I can't tell you how accurate it is, but it is very cute!

      I will let her know about this thread.
    6. to follow up on this. A PM was sent to HATS on October 1st which she never responded to. It was as follows.
      I'm still trying to find those little gold buttons, they'e such a pain to find >.< I found a supplier on-line but they're on back order. i could send it to you as is, but all the gold button details will be missing. I could paint some white ones but i'm afraid the gold paint would rub off onto the fabric and ruin it. other than that it's done. Right now though, it's packed away. We FINALLY got moved into our apartment this weekend so now every thing is all over the place ^-^;; I know what box it's in though so i can send it as is if you want.

      there was absolutly no response from her and I had not done anything with the dress until i had heard back from her. On December 9th, she sent me another PM which I responded back to immediatly. I told her I am goign to refund her the full amount since she no longer wants the dress. However I have to wait until Friday December 22 to refund the money as I have to wait for my next paycheck to come in sice i DO have bills to pay if i would like to not be evicted from my apartment or have our cable or electricity turned off. However I have not heard anything back from her since I PM'd her back with that. Assuming she is ok with that, she will recieve her refund on the 22nd. If not, then I will pay her back right now and put myself in debt to the bank.
    7. the page doesn't work... sorry... try to look in her store...
    8. Well i've since found them at a small craft store. The dress is done. However she decided she would rather have a refund. so...