Nov 25, 2010

    1. I sent my Buddydoll Raphael head to ChiyoMiwa early this month for a faceup. I have commissioned ChiyoMiwa before and was extremely pleased with the fast service and beautiful work, so despite knowing there have been several Paging threads about her in the last few months I felt confident in sending her my head. Unfortunately ChiyoMiwa has been pretty uncommunicative this time around and so I feel it is necessary to start this Paging thread.

      Here is the timeline of events:

      11-2: Head sent out.
      11-5: ChiyoMiwa confirms receipt of the head after I ask if it's arrived.
      11-7: Completed faceup pictures sent; I approve.
      11-8: Payment sent.
      11-14: I receive no confirmation of payment being received or a shipment, so I ask for a status update.
      11-15: ChiyoMiwa says she's waiting for a new lens to come in the mail to take better pictures and the head will be shipped out by the end of the week.
      11-21: "End of the week" has come and gone. I ask for a status update. No reply.
      11-23: After two days of silence I send another PM that says I expect notification of shipment within 24 hours otherwise I will open up a paging thread.

      ChiyoMiwa, please send my head back to me ASAP. If you really need better pictures of your faceup work that badly I am more than happy to take some for you when I have him back. Please understand that I am very happy with the work you did, but you have a very valuable item of mine plus over $40 and your silence makes me worry a lot. I am fine with waiting as long as the communication is good but as it has not been in this instance I want the head shipped ASAP.
    2. I too am looking for ChiyoMiwa for the same reason.

      I sent my SDC Kurt head off for a face-up and his webbed hands and finned forearms for blushing. Communication was great, until she got my head, then it died pretty fast.

      My time-line is:
      11-05: Head Sent
      11-08: Head Received, I have to ask if she even got it.
      11-15: I finally get a reply after two PMs that my stuff arrived safely.
      11-15: Face-up pic but no hands or forearms. Nothing else in the PM just the pics.
      11-20: I pay although I still don't have pics of the extra blushing. I went ahead and added $12 extra for the blushing in hopes that payment would make her work faster. I sent her a text of this and got a reply almost instantly.
      11-22: I remind her that it's been two weeks, since she said it'd be mailed back within two weeks in her thread, and ask if she's finished my doll yet. I put a read receipt on it.
      11-24: Finally remembering that she'll login and not reply to PMs I sent her another text asking her to just send me back my head and extras even if it wasn't finished. I also asked that if the extra blushing wasn't done to please just send me a refund of the $12 I included. I never received a reply.
      11-24: The PM I sent on the 22 has been read and she came on for a couple of hours but never replied to it.

      I would just like my head and extras back. I sent my Kurt to her because of the quick turn around time she had stated in her thread and because she seemed to be on top of things from how fast she answered my PMs. (If she had been this slow to begin with I probably would have sent him to someone else.)
    3. I received a PM from ChiyoMiwa stating that my head is packaged but has not been mailed yet. Obviously it can't be mailed out right now due to the holiday, so I am ok with this update. Will post again once I get confirmation of shipment.
    4. I still haven't heard from her. :C
    5. ChiyoMiwa was last on the forum 24NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    6. Hi, I also am in the middle of a face-up commission with ChiyoMiya.

      However, I heard from her yesterday, the 25th. Responses have also been extremely slow with me as well.

      If anyone would like to try to reach her, I've noticed she is on her DeviantArt account quite frequently.
      I sent her a message and though she didn't reply, she did PM me the day after.
      Her Deviant account link is in her signature. Hope that helps.

      Hopefully everyone gets responses (and dolls) back soon.
    7. Thanks for the advice Britt. <3

      I left her a message on her page but so far no reply. I also sent a text yesterday telling her that was being paged on here and that her silence made me sad. :C I was hoping to get something but still the same silence.
    8. Was ChiyoMiwa commissioned for face-ups from her thread here on DoA? Or was she contacted via another site?
    9. From her thread for me.
    10. Same here, through her thread here on DOA.

      Also, as of the 26th, I am again waiting for a reply from ChiyoMiwa.
    11. Sorry for the slow replies.

      With that over this past holiday my computer's hard drive crashed and I had to have it replaced. It's a blessing I was able to get that fixed.

      My greatest apologies. I should stop taking on commissions if my schoolwork is going to be an issue.
    12. I received a PM with a tracking number from ChiyoMiwa today. Once the item arrives I will update here.

      Zagzagael, I also commissioned her through her thread here.
    13. Chiyo I can understand the computer issues but not your lack of replies to my texts. You've replied to one text which shows me that you know how to so I cannot understand why you couldn't reply to my others.

      Also you still haven't sent me a PM after I sent you that one text stating that I just want my doll back.

      Plus if you had mentioned, in your thread, that you where indeed busy with school or had given an inclination that it was going to take longer than the two weeks stated I wouldn't have sent him to you. I sent him to you because you stated in your thread that you'll "definitely send your head back in less than two weeks."

      So as of right now I just want my head and extras sent back. I already paid for everything and honestly he should have been sent back when you sent back Tenshi's head since I told you I wanted him back on the 24th.
    14. I also just now noticed that while she came on she didn't read the PM I sent her.
    15. I have also not heard back from her since the 26th.
    16. Oh dear. She's had my heads since 9/24. She did say she was busy with school and I did notice she wasn't on very often. She did always reply to my pm's tho, so I never felt she was ignoring me. She did send me a pm she was going to ship out my heads, but I have no tracking number as of yet. I will update when they get here I guess.
    17. As my tracking number has not changed from the dreaded "electronic shipping info received" stage I have sent a PM to ChiyoMiwa asking whether my head is currently in transit or not. Had it gone out on Monday like she said it should have arrived by now or at least been scanned by the postal service.
    18. After these current commissions are finished I will no longer be taking any commissions. As I feel it's not right to scam people as I've done.

      I feel I've been very rude and unprofessional.

      Anyhow on another note I'll try to check DoA regularly to keep you up to date.
    19. Hi ChiyoMiwa. I sent you a PM on November 26th and still haven't heard back from you. Did you ever get it?

      I'm getting frustrated that you've posted here twice since then and have not responded.
    20. I have never received a PM from you recently. I'm sorry about this. :c