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Paging ChiyoMiwa - RESOLVED

Jul 16, 2010

    1. This is the first time I've ever had to open a paging thread during my time here on DOA, but communication with ChiyoMiwa has ground to halt, she appears to be ignoring my messages and I don't know what else to do :(

      I first contacted ChiyoMiwa around May 30th for a face up commission for my Lati Blue Cara. At this point communication was very good, her replies were very quick and I felt reassured by her good feedback and fast responses. The doll was posted to her and I believe she arrived with ChiyoMiwa on either June 11th or June 12th. When the doll arrived ChiyoMiwa said that she would start work straight away and she was true to her word.

      I saw the first face-up preview picture on June14th. The face-up itself was beautiful and I was very happy. However, I did feel the eyebrows were too thick and asked her to thin them down a little. I didn't get a reply back for a while so on June 22nd I PM'd her again to ask how the commission was coming along, and if she had finished altering the eyebrows. I also informed her that I would be away to London for 4 days and would not be able to reply until I got home. ChiyoMiwa said that she had tried to reply earlier, but there must've been problems with DOA because I never received this message she supposedly sent. I didn't think much off it because messages sometimes don't come through, but I apologised and informed her that I would send payment when I got home from London. I was very pleased with the changes she had done to the eyebrows.

      On June 30th I PM'd ChiyoMiwa again to let her know that I was home from London and had the money to pay for the commission waiting for her. This is when communication began to seriously break down. She informed me that she was moving house, but she has visited DOA several times after saying this, so although her internet access may be limited, she is still able to get online. I PM’d my email address to her just in case the messages were not getting through to me. She informed me that the doll was packed up and ready to go, so my doll has been complete for several weeks now and all ChiyoMiwa needs to do is post her, and she was made aware earlier that I had the money ready to pay her. I was a little unclear about her last message and asked her what she wanted me to do. I did not know if she wanted me to send her the money for just the face up or else wait until she had a shipping quote, and send it to her all in one go. I also sent her my address.

      It took several prompts and I had to threaten her with a paging thread, but I did eventually get a short, rushed response on July 9th saying to send $10 for shipping and $25 for the face-up, and I have not received any response since then. I sent her payment in full that evening, including an extra $6 for eyelashes which she did not apply, so I would like to be refunded for these. Since July 9th I have PM’d ChiyoMiwa several times, and although she has been online several times since this date, she is choosing to ignore my messages. I have warned her twice that I will be forced to open a paging thread in the hope that would prompt a response, but no luck! I’m hoping that this transaction will be easily and quickly resolved as the doll is finished, she only needs to be posted.


      ChiyoMiwa, I want my doll returned to me, she is finished. You don’t need to do any more work on her, just post her. I want her sent priority mail with a tracking number so that I can be sure she is definitely on her way home. I understand that you’re busy at the minute and your internet access may be limited, but it takes less than 5 minutes to email somebody to say "I'm really sorry I have not been to the post office, but I the next time I am able to go there is _______ and she will be shipped then. I will PM you with the tracking number."

      It also does not take that long to actually post the doll, I'm sure as you're traveling about and moving your stuff; you will have passed countless post offices on the journey. It's just a case of stopping for a few moments and posting the doll. Please put yourself in my position and understand how annoyed and frustrated I am at your lack of contact and disregard for my property. I'm sure if I had your doll finished for the same length of time, and didn't bother replying to your messages, you would be annoyed too. I am honestly beginning to worry that my doll is lost or damaged and you are trying to avoid me. Please stop ignoring my messages and get in contact with me soon, as I would really like to get this transaction over with as soon as possible, thanks! :(:(:(
    2. ChiyoMiwa was last on the forum 12JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you Zagzageal.

      Update: ChiyoMiwa has since contacted me, and sent me a tracking number, so my girl is finally on her way home. I will update again when she arrives, but for now I'd say this is pretty much resolved :)
    4. My doll arrived home today, so this thread can be closed now :)