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Paging ChiyoMiwa - RESOLVED

Aug 13, 2010

    1. I sent my beloved first bjd, an MSD myu, for ChiyoMiwa to paint for me. I sent her out to ChiyoMiwa on 7-14-10. On 7-16-10 I recieved a message from Chiyo saying she had recieved the head and would start paiting it soon.

      3 days later on 7-19-10, I asked how things were going via PM. No response for 2 days. I tried e-mailing, no response. Chiyo had been online everyday. A few more days later, I sent a text. I got no response what so ever at all.

      Finally,on 7-29-10 after threating to open a paging thread, i got a reponse. Two picures of my girl. no words or anything. I understand Chiyo was busy, but by that time I just wanted to know she was there. It takes less than 5 minutes to say "Sorry I have not been replying to your e-mails as i have been very busy but your girl will be done soon".

      I polietly asked for her to add more pink to the cheeks and lips. AGAIN, no response. I texted, PM'ed, emailed and called for the course of a week, but no response. Again, Chiyo had been online everyday At this point I was super worried she was ingnoring me because not even a peep had been sent to me. No progress, anything.
      Finally, after more threatining, plus payment (I feel like I am teaching a deaf puppy new tricks to get ChiyoMiwa to respond) After what seemed like years, Chiyo sent another two pictures of my girl on 9-3-10.

      I then asked Chiyo to send my girl Back to me. I was so happy this was over! I asked when she would be sent out via E-mail. I would have been thankful for an "Ok" from her, but no. I have not heard anything from Chiyo since August 3rd. I checked the mail everyday but nothing. Again, I sent PM's, Emails and texts. NOTHING! I dont know what to do anymore. I was so happy to get my first bjd, but this is turning into a nightmare. This was supposed to take 2 weeks not almost a month! Someone help me!:(

      Please send me back my girl. Great job on the faceup. Respond to me. PLEASE. I have checked your ''last activity'' on your Profile. You are on almost everyday. you have your money. I know you are there. Let me know! I just want my girl back! PLEASE SAY SOMTHING!
    2. ChiyoMiwa was last on the forum 11AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated and be sure to put a link back to this thread in her Individual feedback thread.
    3. Problem Resolved! Chiyo sent my doll back in perfect beautiful condition! Thank you!