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Unresolved Paging ChloeisCrazy - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Mar 31, 2011

    1. On March 4th I purchased a top and pants for my doll from her Etsy shop, Eightl0ngmonths. I paid and received an automatic reply thanking me for my purchase. About a week later I messaged her through Etsy to confirm my order was received. After a few weeks I heard nothing and did not receive my items. I pmed ChloeisCrazy on March 16th just to confirm that she did indeed receive my order. I did not receive a reply to this also, even though she has been online. I also posted asking for information on her sales thread advertising her shop but she won't respond. I would appreciate ANY contact from her. If I hear nothing and don't receive my items by the end of the week (they are being sent from within Canada and should definitely be here by now!) then I will open a Paypal claim. If she could just let me know what's going on I don't mind waiting a bit longer! I'm disappointed as I was planning on purchasing more items from her shop but now I'm not too sure about that..
    2. ChloeisCrazy was last on the forum 28MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I've had a pm from Chloeiscrazy and will update when my items arrive!
    4. I am also waiting for an order from ChloeisCrazy: a Lati doll. I have spoken to her within the last week and will also post when my missing item arrives.
    5. Does someone have contact with ChloeisCrazy? I made trade with her, and she should contact me at last sunday (6.04.11) :| I tried to write to her here and on etsy, but didn't get any answer :(

      She is extremelly nice person, so I hope everything will end up well...
    6. I still have not heard from her since her pm to me on 4-01-11:

      "Re: Etsy Shop
      Hi there! Im so sorry to not have messaged you back until now, my inbox's get a bit messy sometimes! >.< I definitely did receive your order and have it ready and packaged up to be mailed. I apologize for the delay with it, I'm unfortunately not able to get to the post office as quickly as I'd prefer sometimes, please let me know if there's any other questions etc I can answer for you! And I will make sure to keep you updated on when I get your package in the mail. It will definitely be next week since I'll be off from school
      Thank you, and I again apologize for not getting back to you!!"

      Still no package and no pm from her...
    7. If the parcel doesn't arrive today I think I'll start a paypal claim, just in case. I might be too late to do it already though, not sure.
    8. Just to keep this thread up to date, I too have started a paypal claim. I haven't recieved my doll and she was supposedly sent on the 17th of March. I have asked twice for a copy of the reciept and proof of postage and have recieved neither. When I see either the doll in my hands or a copy of the reciept with my address on it I will revoke the claim, but until then I am wary: $275 is a lot of money to have floating around somewhere between Canada and here.

      I will update the thread if and when I get news, hopefully this will be sorted soon...
    9. I should add that I actually paid for this doll on the 10th, and so even is she has been posted it was a week before that happened: the reason I've filed with paypal is because it's over a month since I sent the money.
    10. You girls have much better situation then me ;( My transaction didn't go throu paypal.

      I made trade with ChloeisCrazy 3 comisioned set of clothes for LTF for my Puki Cupid.... She had 100% positive feedback, so I sent C
    11. ***upid at once.

      Oh, I got PM from ChloeisCrazy, while writing last post (that's why it is half and it sent it self :? ) so hope for the best ^^

      I will up date ^^
    12. ChloeisCrazy was last on the forum today. Has she been in touch with any of you? Please post into her Clothing thread and leave a link to this thread in her individual feedback thread. Thanks.
    13. I received a pm (I posted this earlier in this thread) on the day after I started this thread but haven't heard anything since. I will post this link in her clothing thread, however the last post in her thread is from me a month ago asking her where my items were... :(
    14. I ordered from her back in December and didn't hear anything from her for almost two months, and even then I had to PM her in order to figure out what was going on. I'm pretty sure it's too late for me to file a paypal claim, so I can only hope this gets resolved. Each time I've PMd with her she's said she would go to the post office the next week, but it never happened. I just PMd her a couple minutes ago, hopefully she'll appear and help us all out. :/
    15. I'm so glad I only spent $15... I'm more disappointed that it's looking like I might not get my poor girl some clothes. I specifically ordered from her since she is also in Canada and I thought I would get my items quickly. :(
    16. Yeah, I spent about $40... So I'm really hoping this gets resolved, since I can't open a claim with PayPal...
    17. I have spoken with her, and she has sent my a photo of a mailing slip iwth my address on it: I am hopeful that everything can be sorted out and that this doll will arrive soon, as I either need the doll or the money pretty sharpish! Either way she has contacted me which I'm grateful for. Thought I'd let you all know.
    18. I suprisingly received my items today! They are super cute and fit perfectly - it's a shame that the transaction was so poor otherwise I definitely would have purchased more items! I hope you all receive your things soon!
    19. Good news :) Hopefully my doll will arrive soon, I will let everyone here know when she does :)
    20. You spoke with her today? Or yesterday? Cause I still haven't gotten a reply from her. :/