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Resolved Paging Chopsticks - RESOLVED

Mar 23, 2011

    1. I bought a shirt from Chopsticks this passed month and everything was fine. I paid, the item was shippined and recieved.
      I recived the shirt on Saturday - March 19, 2011 and immediately private messaged Chopsticks. The shirt that I recieved has two large holes in the side.
      This was not mentions before(on the thread or via PM) purchase, during shipping, or acknoleged after.
      Chopsticks has been on at least twice and not replied to me.
    2. Chopsticks was last on the forum 22MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Holy snap, does it really? I haven't had that shirt on a doll in forever, and I do not remember the holes in it, oh my god. I will reimburse you ASAP. And I apologize for the lack of responses, we're going through a very, very hectic/fast move, so I've pretty much just been getting on to make sure I haven't got PMs from anyone new.
    4. I have received a reimbursement.

      I am sorry to hear about the hectic schedule.=/
    5. Thank you for letting me know~! :)

      How go we get this "resolved" now? (though I do like the pink letters at the top of my homepage telling me I'm being paged ^ ^; )
    6. Unsure. I am unable to edit the first post. =/