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Paging ChriseeV

Feb 15, 2011

    1. I purchased a Crobidoll Ys-B head from ChriseeV on January 23. Before I sent payment through Paypal, she was quick to reply to my PMs and was polite enough to send me additional pictures of the item for sale. However, I have not received this item, and I have PMed her three times to politely ask whether the head has been shipped yet. The dates of these PMs were: January 28, February 2, and February 12. She has not replied to any of my PMs and I am beginning to get concerned since it has been over three weeks since I paid for the Ys head. This is not meant at this time to be negative feedback, but I would greatly appreciate for her to contact me.
    2. ChriseeV was last on the forum 9FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Unfortunately, I still have not heard from this seller. I would like to update this thread to say that I have filed a Paypal dispute, since it has been five weeks since I paid for this item.
    4. This is just another update. I still have not heard from this seller and will escalate my Paypal dispute to a claim if I don't get a response soon. I don't really see any other option at this point. If anyone knows a better way to contact Chriseev, please let me know.
    5. I received the Ys head today, roughly seven weeks from the date of purchase. I never did receive any type of communication from the seller after I paid for the item. I consider this a neutral transaction, and would advise caution to anyone considering buying an item from ChriseeV due to the slow shipping and lack of response to PMs/emails.
    6. FrigidDamsel ~ Thank you for updating. Do not forget to leave a link in this member's individual feedback thread back to this Problem thread.