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paging Chrystika - RESOLVED

Jan 13, 2010

    1. paging Chrystika, we made a partial trade partial cash transaction. The item (Glass eyes) due to be sent to me has never been recieved, I was given a tracking #but the number says that the item was accepted at the post office and there is no more information.
      I have been patient but it has been 3 weeks (my items arrived to the buyer) she stated some dissatisfaction (I said the items could be returned and I would refund the money) But no such offer was accepted. I just would like to resolve this without any drama
    2. 1mim ~ Chrystika was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hello,
      I was trying to wait for 1mim to receive the ginarolo eyes but I guess they are lost in the mail. 1mim states that I did send her a tracking number. I do have the original postmarked delivery confirmation slip and post office receipt showing that the package was sent to her zip code.

      delivery confirmation number # 0309 1140 0001 1238 3864

      I was going to do a trace, but the post office clerk stated I have to wait a month before I can do that. I'm currently in communication with her to resolve this transaction.

    4. Chrystika has been very prompt in contacting me today. She is attempting to find resolution with the post office, I am hoping this is just a big misunderstanding Chrystika believing perhaps I got them and didn't notify her. Thanks so far
    5. It seems we have to wait a month for the post office to initiate a search for the package
    6. Chrystika has decided to send me the funds in liu of the eyes
    7. we have resolved this transaction. please delete
    8. I paypaled 1mim the agreed trade value of the light blue ginarolo 8mm glass eyes and she agreed to send me back the should she get them in the future.