Paging Clowve - RESOLVED

Feb 3, 2009

    1. There has been no response from Clowve since 01-09-09; her last PM to me saying that the package will ship out 01-12. I've sent only 2 e-mails to her, not wanting to be pushy if there are RL problems on her end. ^^;

      But I've been checking for her status here since then, but her last login was 01-13. I've checked her LJ site to make sure, and even there her last entry was also 01-13.

      If anyone knows Clowve, or can get in touch with her better, please inform her that she's being paged.

      It's 3 weeks already. T_T Any kind of communication will be much appriciated.
    2. I'm in the same group order as Shivas. I contacted Clowve originally on 12/2/08 to be part of the Leeke World Group order. They answered back and I sent payment on 12/3. She said she received it on the same day.

      She sent a message on 1/9/09 to say the packaged has arrived and that I needed to send Shipping fee's for her to me. I did so on 1/14/09. She never replied even to say she'd received payment. I sent her a message on 1/26 to ask about shipping and stuff. She hasn't replied, and as Shivas said her last activity date is 1/13/09.

      I would love to get in touch with her. ):
    3. Clowve is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with Resolution. Thanks!
    4. 3 days before the 4th week of waiting and still no reply, still no package. Is thee anyone who knows Clowve in RL that can inform her she's being paged, or help get in contact with her?
    5. I too am trying to get a hold of Clove. My items still haven't gotten here, and its 2 days sort of four weeks. And she forgot to send me the tracking number before she left on 1/13 >_< I hope everything is ok with her, and I hope someone can let her know we're all looking for her.
    6. i'm also did join the leeke GO... she did left me her number 4 days ago in msn.. but no reply message or pick up calls frm her.. and she did not mention when would she send my package and weather she is not vacation or not...

      p.s sorry for broken eng~
    7. I still haven't received any contact from her either. ): I can't seem to get a hold of her anywhere.
    8. hi guys,

      I apologize for by inactivity and would like to express my deepest apologieson causing this all this trouble.The reason I held back the packages, was because I was thinking of the participants best interest and was afraid of the packages getting lost in the mail (as it has happened before during the festivities) so I was worried it might happen again if I had had them sent out during New Years and Chinese Lunar New Years. This was my first time ordering, so it didn't occur to me that timing was bad.

      I feel especially guilty about not letting the participants know because I've been having Internet troubles, therefore I apologize for keeping you guys in the dark. I'd also like to apologize for the unnecessary worry caused along with the extended delay. The goods were sent out last Friday (after Chinese New Year), and should reach you guys in about 2-3 weeks. And as for momo, I was supposed to meet her up for the delivery, but since I couldn't make it, I've sent the goods to the office boy to deliver them.

      Sorry again and if you have anything you'd like to ask me, please do so and I will try to get back as quick as I can.
    9. I received a PM from Clowve. I'm just very glad nothing serious has happened and happy Clowve is back. ^_^ For me, I consider this issue resolved, but will leave it up to the Mods to close this or not.
    10. I've received a message from Clowve also. :) She told me the packages were sent so I'll keep an eye out for mine.
    11. Let's close it when everyone has had their items arrive!
    12. I still haven't received a reply to my PMs to Clove. And My items are still not here. It's been over 4 weeks since I was told they were sent.
    13. I was told by clowie my item were send on 11 Feb.. it's been 1 week.. i won;t take so long for a local mailing (i know i'm being inpatient, sorry can't help it need my item urgently) .. she did not reply my e-mail nor my sms.. i wonder what she is up to...
    14. I bought the items before Christmas, they were supposed to be a Christmas present. Clowve told me she'd send them out just after, so they wouldn't have a problem. She told me that they were sent out on 1-13. And I've still had no sign of them. I've written Clowve several times now, and I've gotten no reply. I'm becoming concerned that I won't get the items, nor hear from her.
    15. My item has arrived today. :) I'm happy with it and it's fine. I'll be stepping out.
    16. I just received my items today. I'm just happy to finally get them. ^_^
    17. I still haven't heard from Clowve. And the items that I bought before Christmas still aren't here.
    18. I finally received my item from Clowve that I was told shipped on 1-13. The items arrived at my post office on 2-23, but I never received notice. I still haven't gotten any response from Clowve though. I've sent her several messages since 1-13, and never received any form of response.
    19. i got my stuff 2 week back! forgotten to report here sorry!

      panchan- hope she would reply u asap.. D:
    20. Since everyone got their items, this can be called resolved... unless PanChan still needs to get in contact with Clowve?