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Resolved Paging Compresadefresa - RESOLVED

Apr 20, 2012

    1. Hi

      I bought her Unoa Chibi on layaway and finished to pay on the 16th april
      She did not answer me about the good reception of payment as she was not online since the 11th april so I begin to worry
      If someone can contact her for me or has news, let me know
      Thanks for your help
    2. Compresadefresa has not been on the forum since 11APR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi!

      I've just sent you an email! :)

      I've been outside so i couldn't wirte you before... sorry!

    4. hi

      Thanks for your answer
      I was really upset, I hope you understand me too.
    5. On the 20th, she said she will ship the doll and will keep me informed
      For now, I have no news. I will wait 2 days and will open a paypal claim to protect me.
      I will update here when (If) I have news.
    6. A little update:
      Finally I opened a paypal claim
      Few days later she contacted me to apologize for not having shipped the doll sooner because of her busy schedule
      She shipped the doll on this monday , So will close this thread and the paypal claim when the doll is arrived.

      I really hate to do that but the communication in sales is very important, also when you (in general, as I also do include myself in this way to think) sell stuffs you have some business contract with the other person so it is important to answer and to ship in a time.
    7. The doll is ARRIVED today so I have closed the paypal claim
      This thread can also be updated and closed
      Thanks Zagzagael