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Unresolved paging Coperita

Nov 29, 2007

    1. I'm not sure whether I should do this or not, but I was recommended to try. I need to talk to Coperita. Emails and PMs have gone unanswered since August 31st. I ordered a wig from her in the August batch and it's not November... still no wig. She's listed me under "Shipped" but I'm not sure if that means wigs were shipped to her or she's shipped them out to individuals. If she's shipped them out, then I've got a problem as my doll has been bald since I got her :(

      Re: this thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=144430

      Coperita! Hope yer around!
    2. update: I got a PM from another person in the August batch saying they got their wig some time ago... so I suppose mine got lost in the mail. :/ I'd like confirmation of this, though. Hope Coperita's around.
    3. bumping for today
    4. I am in the mid september batch, since Nov 20 we never heard from her any more.
      If anyone know coperita or can contact coperita please tell her to come here, give us any update.
      I'm really anxious about this order. If I still not heard from her I might need to open a dispute with paypal (I had order around $200 wigs from her)
    5. I was in the mid-September batch I think. I recieved my wigs but I was disappointed with the quality overall. The four I commissioned have since been sold.
    6. Se-chan when did you pay her (in september?)
      I had pm and email her but never received a reply :(
    7. Mews..Se-Chan is in the mid-sept batch also..and you should have received yours..I'm in the september batch and have yet to receive mine. This is really confusing..
    8. Nezumi_Mouse I haven't received mine yet :(
      I am so confusing about how Coperita handle the order, at least a little update better then nothing!
    9. I was in the "mid-September" batch to, and havent recieved my wig yet -__-;
    10. ahh, i ordered canvas shoes from her,
      three weeks ago i pmed her asking if the things have arrived?
      she told me shipping takes two week, so two weeks later i texted her
      until now, i still get no answer from her -______-

      i live in the same country as her, so i am trying hard to call /text her
      but to no avail. Let you people know if i can contact her ^-^
    11. Has anyone heard anything from Coperita? I'd like to know where my wigs are. This is ridiculous. >_<
    12. absolutely nothing
    13. Coperita hasn't logged in since November 21 2007. I will ask to have her placed into the Being Paged usergroup.
    14. I thought she had been already O_O; sorry I get confused easy lol ^^;
    15. She was already in the Being Paged! group, but unfortunately that only helps if the person is actually logging in! :sweat I have set her to the Unresolved Transactions group, which means that she has that lovely orange text under her avatar... but more importantly, forum members can now contact her via email.

      Good luck, guys!
    16. I paid coperita $60 September 21st, 2007.
    17. A friend of mine, who knows some people in her school, has managed to get a hold of one of the staff and forwarded the following email to me:

      Could everyone who has ordered from Coperita list down their orders and the amount they paid so I could pass it on to her?
    18. Or rather, would someone like to take charge of this matter? I'll be starting work soon so I wouldn't be able to be online as often. :sweat
    19. izumiyavi>> has she tried the 'get password' function to get her password?

      is she contactable on SGcafe? perhaps people could find her there instead.
    20. btw, just to let you all know, she has a wig commission thread on the singapore forum as well, and info gathered from there indicates that she's not doing these wig orders anymore, and that actually, someone else is in charge.

      link to the commission thread is here: http://sgcafe.com/showthread.php?t=34216

      specific post with details regarding the new person in-charge is here:http://sgcafe.com/showpost.php?p=2550342&postcount=28

      hope this helps. i've sent her a PM to this thread from that forum, but she doesn't seem to have logged in there since the beginning of december either.

      though i think it's rather odd if she's lost that password as well.