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Paging crystalgirl: SEMI-RESOLVED

Jan 23, 2008

    1. Crystalgirl owes me $100 to finish a layaway. She promised payment on January 6th, over two weeks ago. She is not responding to PMs and has yet to send the payment. She has been on DoA to manage her sales thread, but she has not responded to me. My last contact from her was on December 12th.

      I am very unhappy with the transaction and would appreciate it if she could at least take the trouble to contact me. I would caution anyone against allowing a layaway for this person.
    2. Dezarii ~ Has the buyer paid any money down or is she flaking entirely?
    3. I was recently in a transaction with crystalgirl, and was refunded my payment.

      This is the message I received.

      Hope that helps in any way.
    4. She gave a small downpayment, which is why I don't want to just relist it. Her payment was due on January 6 and I sent her a reminder. On January 10, she bumped her marketplace thread but did not respond to me:

      I am very sorry to hear she may be sick, I will give her more time to respond.
    5. I've refunded Crystalgirl's money and found a different buyer for the item, as it has been over a month since her payment was due. I still haven't heard from her and I hope she is ok. I would consider the issue resolved, at least as much as it's going to be.