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May 14, 2009

    1. A while back I purchased a Ducan wig from cyrillezhane.

      To be precise, I paid for the wig on March 26th.

      cyrillezhane said that they would ship it out soon. I questioned then about when they would send it, and on April 5th they said that they didn't want to ship out the package until they had a few other packages to send, which I understood, and agreed to let them wait a bit longer.

      I got a PM on April 12th saying that they would ship it the next day, because they had gone on vacation--which I hadn't really been told about, but I was just glad that they were going to ship the wig out. They said that the wig was shipped on the 13th, and so I waited.

      On the 26th I still hadn't received the wig. I PMed them and they said to be patient, and if it didn't show up they would give me a refund. So, i waited some more.

      On may 1st I PMed them to tell them I still hadn't received the wig. On the 2nd they said that they had thought I had gotten the package already, but they would contact the post office to check for it. They said if it still didn't show up, they'd send a replacement wig instead of a refund this time around. I agreed to give it a bit more time, nevertheless, trying to be nice about it.

      I never got a PM back after that. I PMed them back on the 8th to ask for a refund, because I have just lost my job, money is a bit more important to me than a doll wig x-x

      So...still no PM, as of the 13th. It's too late to file a paypal report, as well, so I'm hoping that they'll get back on.

      I noticed that they haven't been on since the 6th. So, please, cyrillezhane, just send me a refund so this can be over and done with... ^^;;

    2. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hie Nikui

      I understand what you feel right now and I knew this was going to happen. I was confined in a hospital for weeks. I was bitten by a stray dog and got an infection from it. I had to take so much medicine that caused me headache side effects. I couldn't get on a computer cause I only throw up when I get in front of the monitor. I was going to ask somebody to do it for me but I fear that you will get confused. I still feel sickly but I now at least I have the strength to get on here.

      I'm really sorry for making you feel worried. Do not worry please. I'm not here to scam anyone. I had failed you once but I'm sure the next one will come this time around. Please don't get worried. Everything's going to be fine. I couldn't get out of bed and I knew this would happen. But please, trust me. I'm trying to work this out and I know you feel bad right now. I'm not asking for you to understand because I know that you are trying to understand me since. But I hope you will still understand despite everything. Please.

      Do not worry. No matter what happens to this. I will take responsibility and I won't make it unfair for you. Please hold on a little. :((
    4. I'm sorry to hear that, I was just so worried and with such hard times right now...I'm had bad experiences in the past so it was hard for me to get past it.

      I hope you feel better, and I'll let you know when I get the package...but as my signature says I wont be home for a while, so I wont be responding to this page for a while either.

      Thank you for replying.
    5. Oh I'm glad you understand.
      I'm sorry to hear your bad experiences in the past, but please be assured that I'm not going to be like those people.
      It will be in your doorstep soon.
      Whatever happens though, you will get a refund. ^^
      For now take care~!
    6. No update just yet, but then again I am out of town.
    7. Got this PM from Cyrillezhane:
      My response:
      Personal information blocked out...

      I just PMed her again asking if there was an update, since I just got home from my vacation.
    8. I got a confirmation number on the 31st, but it's not track-able. Still waiting to see if it'll come. :3
    9. It's now been nine days since I got the tracking number, and I still dont believe I can track it--or, at least, i haven't found a site that'll let me track it
    10. Been quite some time, no result just yet... x-x
    11. Nothing yet. But she promised me a refund. Will update when I get that.
    12. Slight update

      It seems we've run into a bind. She says that she cant get her currency converted over to US dollars...I believe her currency is Philippine pesos

      Does anyone know a way to do this? I dont know much about the conversion process on paypal.

    13. From my exp. You can convert anytime and free. The only thing is you have to agree to Paypal's rate, meaning much lower than the daily one.

      She can always send you money and pick dollars and it will convert for you also.

      good luck to you.
    14. We've decided that she will just send me another item with a better mail service. When I get the item-refund I will update this thread.

      Thanks everyone.
    15. The buyer has already received my item a while ago but didn't find time to update this thread. I waited for any updates from her for weeks but didn't get any response, so I messaged her just yesterday to see what's going on and this is her reply today:


      I'm glad this is all over. I'm happy to transac with Nikui and she has been a very patient person. But I do regret the bad things that happened in this transaction and I really learned from my mistakes. I wish I became double responsible and not too comfortable. I trusted myself too much. This will never happen again I swear it. This sure is a wake up call for me. Again I'm sorry Nikui for bothering you and being a pain in the ass with the mods and admins. I wish I will be given a second chance to be a better seller here in DOA. I'm sorry everyone.