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Paging Dark-Hunter - RESOLVED

Mar 18, 2009

    1. I bought her Unoa Lusis on Layaway.
      Paid last payment on march 4th, last contact day was march 5th, where she wrote she would send out the doll on march 6th.
      She was last logged on march 9th, and I PM'ed her once before she was logged on but she didn't answer to my question if she had a tracking number.
      After that I've tried getting in contact with her several times, with no luck.
      I hope its only due to that she might not be able to come online or something.

      This is the marketplace-thread:
    2. I hope it's okay to post this here, but Dark-Hunter was originally part of a group order I was holding and she told me in advance that she would be away from March 12th to March 16th, so she asked if I could send her, her invoice before then.

      I sent her a pm on March 11th with her invoice and waited for her to send me payment. She didn't respond that day, so I left it, knowing full well that she would be gone for the next few days afterwards. I waited until the 16th, still didn't receive any payment. Left it again for another day before finally PMing her again to ask if she had received my invoice from before.

      I didn't get any response from her that day. I sent one last PM to her yesterday in hopes that she would get it and send me payment (as by then, the other GO participants were wanting me to place the order) ><

      Unfortunately due to her lack of communication, I've had to remove her from my GO. She still hasn't replied to any of my PMs, so I'm not sure if she's having internet problems or just isn't checking her PMs. Either way, I thought I should let you know since you're also looking for her.
    3. Hello!

      Just wanted to update her! :)

      I left town the 9th, and just returned. My time away ended up being alittle longer than I had planned. I went to a concert in one state, then worked at an anime con in another state, and then had another concert in another state. I was in 7 states in that time. I have discovered that I need to invest in a lap top! I hate not having interent.

      I hope all has been resolved, and things are good again.