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Paging Dark-Hunter

Sep 13, 2009

    1. I need a page on Dark-Hunter, although I am not sure how much good it will do since she hasn't been on since 8/1/09.

      A while back when she was going through the different conventions she frequents, she offered to sell some doll items for me (they were items I had purchased but had decided to sell them since they weren't what I was looking for). I had given her the items, she went to her cons, sold one item and paypal'ed the money to me. Once she was done, her husband accidentally put all of her convention supplies into storage, my items included. (they were putting things into storage in preparation for their move, they also had to clear out stuff in their house so they could sell it)

      It took a really long time for her to get my stuff out of the storage unit and I kept trying to run by her house to get my stuff, but she was never there and she never answered her phone so I could arrange a meet-up time. Then she sold a pair of my eyes at a meet-up (and she sold them for much less than I wanted for them) and I never got my money for them. Then she said she was going out of town and that she would be passing by on her trip and said she could bring me my stuff, but that did not happen (she told me over the phone that she had forgotten my stuff).

      Not long after she returned home, I tried to call her again only to find that her phone was disconnected. So I sent her a PM with a read receipt. That has not been read so far. I sent her an email. I have yet to receive a response.

      I know she moved, and I understand that moving is a lot of work, but at some point she needs to take responsibility for the fact that she has $250 worth of my stuff that she either needs to pay for or return! I'm hoping that if I have an open page for her, that the next time she finally gets back on the internet I can get this resolved. But as I stated earlier, who knows how much good it will do since she hasn't visited since August 1. I would hate to file a police report. It would just make it that much worse for her since she moved out of state which makes a theft charge worse. But maybe with an open page, someone who knows her will take notice and find a way to contact her.
    2. Dark-Hunter is now Being Paged. Did you enter into this arrangement via DoA?
    3. Not really. We met over DOA at a meet-up that was arranged on DOA if that does make any difference. But the actual arrangement was made was in person and over the phone. she made a comment that she could sell the items at the cons faster than I could sell them on the marketplace and then later offered to take my stuff with her on her next con. I think I have one PM that mentions the conventions, but it's nothing that actually mentions the arrangement we made, she was just letting me know she was going to another con and she wanted to bring along a doll she was buying from me.

      I understand if DOA needs to stay out of this since the arrangement was not made over the forum, but I need some way of contacting her and I'm just hoping someone who knows her will have a way of contacting her and would be able to inform me about it.