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Resolved Paging Darkluthien - RESOLVED

Oct 5, 2011

    1. Oh well, who knows me knows that I always try to avoid these kinds of situations and this it's me first time posting a paging thread.

      I am traying to buy a doll from Darkluthien for a month now, and we started negotitating on September 7th, when I first sent her a Pm. She told me she woul wait for another person who was interested reply, and it would take half a week. Okay, I waited for her reply, and the deadline passed, and nothing came from her. I waited more and nothing, I sent pms to know if she had an answer and Darkluthien came online some times but never answered the pms.

      So I dropped the negotiation. But some days after I dropped, she sent me a PM appologizing, saying she was sick and couldn't reply (well, she came online sometimes while sick, but okay), and I just accepted her appologies, because you can't always prevent getting sick. She then confirmed she would sell the doll to me and we started the negotiation again. I asked her to send him by DHL and she told me she would call their office to learn how to send the box. It was September 20th and I don't receive pms from her ever since. I already sent other pms, asking if everything's okay. if there is any problem, but nothing. She doesn't come online since this day too, but I don't know, if she's sick again, it's not impossible to ask a friend to notify me. I could wait for her if she told me, but now I'm afraid of sending the money and she disappears again.
    2. darkluthien was last on the forum 20SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Oh! I just managed to get in touch with her!! Tried to investigate other places where she could be found on internet and could talk to her on twitter. We're talking on email. Seems like she had a problem with her password here and can't log in. :/
    4. Hi,
      I'm here! I'm not at home and I just got my password again (personal problems with my ex boyfriend or a stupid joke... I think) and I have already changed it for security.
    5. Hello, Darkluthien! I was really worried about you! I'm glad you recovered your password!!! So, since we already talked about this situation, and I think everything is gonna be okay now, I guess we can consider this paging thread solved?
    6. Well, everything's alright now. What happened is that Darkluthien lost her password because of some personal problems, but she managed to retrieve it. We're having great communication now, not only here on Den of Angels, but we can now talk on email and twitter. I accept her explanation about what happened, and the negotiation goes on. :3 Thank you very much for the kindness, and attention, we can now close thi thread :3