Paging darthrakie – RESOLVED

Sep 9, 2009

    1. I was waiting for responce about her but since I didnt get any news im going to ask for paging her because im starting to be a little bit worried.

      The 16th of August I paid for a Lati Yellow PacMan Hoodie and some shoes for Lati yellow
      In the message she sent me including the amount of the items and shipping she told me shes going to mail them Monday (She sent the message Saturday, I paid Sunday, she told me she was going to mail them Monday the 17)
      I sent her a PM the first of September asking if the items was sent yet and didnt get any news
      But I saw on her profile that the last time she was online was the 2 of September, since she didnt get back on DoA. I would like to page her to ask about the items because she got great feedback on Ebay and maybe its the postal that take time.

      Thank you
    2. No moderator to help me? I posted this the 8 and no one answer..
    3. Darthrakie was last on the forum 09-03-2009. She is now Being Paged. Please keep the thread updated with a resolution.
    4. Messaged you =)
    5. Darthrakie sent me a mesage today, she told me why the package was not arrived yet. When im going to get them im gonna let you all know on the thread, thanks^^
    6. I got my things today you can close this thread, thanks