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Jan 16, 2009

    1. 21 November 2008 - I PM'ed deadly_claris regaring a doll-sized child's sofa she sold in the MP. I wanted to know the brand and where she got it.

      24 November - Claris replied to my PM, letting me know that the sofa came from a shop in Japan, and that she could get another one for me, if I wanted. I happily agreed.

      24 November - 12 December: We exchanged several PMs regarding the order, payment, etc, during which Claris mentioned that she was moving, so replies were a little delayed.

      13 December 2008 - Claris PM'ed me to let me know that the sofa had arrived at her place. She very kindly offered to pay shipping to me, so I just sent her $50 by PayPal to cover the cost of the sofa. She told me she would be sending it out that week.

      That was the last time I heard from her. I PM'ed her on 15 December to confirm that I had sent payment, but never got a reply. I didn't think very much of this, since she didn't really need to reply. I PM'ed her again on 2 January to confirm whether she had sent the sofa, since it hadn't arrived yet. I emailed her Hotmail address on 14 January, but again, no reply.

      If anyone knows what has become of deadly_claris, please, please do let me know. I don't want to have to file a PayPal claim, but time is running out for me on that one.

      So, has anyone see or heard from her in the last month or so? I note her last post on DoA was 11 December, so she may not even have internet access.
    2. Annika - deadly_claris is now Being Paged, please note, however, that she was last on the board 13DEC08.
    3. Sigh...I got the same problem with Claris too...but the last time I heard from her was Dec 5th...
      I bought a Heath from her in Nov last year and paid on Nov 12th...

      Nov 12th - After she got the payment, she happily replied my PM and told me she could catch a flight back home by that weekend so that she could pack and send the Heath to me.

      Nov 19th - Got another PM from her that she finally booked a ticket to fly home on that weekend and would be able to send the Heath to me by next week. Her schedule was delayed for a week due to some Uni presentation business....

      Dec 2nd - It had been 2 weeks since the last time I heard from her and I still didn't get any shipping notice from her, so I PMed her again asking the status.

      Dec 5th - She PMed me, saying that the Heath at her Adelaide home was not the one that she was supposed to sell ie. not the brand-new one that she was selling in DoA market place. She then flew back to Japan and found the new Heath over there. She also told me that was busy moving house, and would ship the Heath from Japan to me.

      Dec 6th - I agreed that the Heath could be sent to me from Japan.

      Dec 25th - After the PM from Claris on the 5th, I got no notice from her since then. I PMed her asking when the doll could be shipped. Got no PMs back.

      Jan 6th - I send an email about shipping to her hotmail mailbox. She didn't far...

      That was it...I'm really run out of patience now...= =
    4. I've had a problem with deadly_claris, too, since around October. I know it's way past the date that I can file a Paypal dispute, because I was (foolishly?) giving her the benefit of the doubt that she had shipped the package out and it was taking forever to arrive -- I've had international packages get stuck on a boat for months, so I wasn't too worried at the time. I also got very, very sick around that time, and the package slipped my mind. It's now January and I doubt it will ever arrive. I'll add my experience here:

      Oct 2nd: We began discussing my purchasing her SD13 white sofa.

      Oct 15th: She PMed me that she had shipped the sofa out, and to expect it in 7-10 working days.

      December 19th: I PMed her to inquire about the package, and she never replied.

      I've just sent her another PM in vain, but I'm going to guess it won't get me anywhere.
    5. Update: Just to let you guys know I filed a PayPal dispute and escalated it to a claim today. I'll let you know what happens.
    6. Just to update you guys, I received a tracking number through PayPal and the sofa arrived today, as described. I haven't heard anything directly from Claris, but since I now have the item, I will be closing my PayPal claim.

      Good luck, guys!
    7. I have bought a Volks Tae from Claris last year and she showed me pictures of it being packed and sent out around Nov 08. But it has not arrive to date.

      I have sent her a number of PMs asking for the tracking nos. so that I could do some tracking on my side.

      As I have bought from her before and it had went well in the past. Just that shipping usually takes more than a month to arrive.

      I hope that she would just give me the tracking nos so I can check on my side too.

      My last PM to her requesting for the tracking nos was on 22nd Dec 08.
    8. Hey guys,
      Just to let you know that I have received the doll I bought. It was shipped from Japan.
      It seems like her sister has taken over her business at the moment.
      Good luck to you.
    9. I should've been following this more closely, but kemmyfat, if her sister has taken over for Claris, how should we try getting in contact with her?
    10. I'm bumping this thread up as I will be travelling down to Aust next week and I will be filing a police record.

      I've tried emailing Claris or her sis via her email address but I've haven't gotten any reply. It has been more than 6 months since Tae have not arrived and both Claris and her sis have never gotten back to me regarding the tracking nos.

      If there's anyone else that have not gotten their items you may like to contact me via PM asap. As I will only be in Aust for a week.

    11. This member was last on the forum 13DEC08.
    12. Have there been any more resolved transactions?
    13. Police report has been made on 22 June 09. Hopefully there will an end to this mess.
    14. Oof, I forgot to check this thread. XD; So: pnk84, thank you again for your work in putting together the police report! ^^ Here's hoping to some kind of resolution...