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Resolved Paging Decy - RESOLVED

Sep 26, 2011

    1. I really didn't want to start a paging thread but I purchased a set of Sd sized clothing from Decy. I received a pm from her asking for payment for the clothing Sept. 13th which I paid, and that was the last I heard form her.

      It's been 14 days and I'd really just like to know whether or not she has mailed out the clothing. She has been on DoA twice and has not returned my PMs.
    2. Decy was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. i thought i might add to this.

      i also bought a pair of Dollmore model m pants from her on September 13 but have yet to receive them, i contacted her again after about a week and she said she did send them and she was going to give me the tracking number but i haven't receive that yet.

      According to her she has been hospitalized for past week or so. so i could understand why there might be a delay. but i should have received my pants by now if she did send them in the mail.

      all i want from this is my pants to come in. that is all. i hope this helps.
    4. I purchased a Migidoll Miho from her on 9-16-2011 she said she was going to ship him out that day. I Pm'd her for the tracking numbers in which she replied that she was in the hospital and he had been shipped and she would send me the tracking numbers which I still have not gotten. I Pm'd her again with no response. It has been well over 10 days he shouldve been here if he was sent. I would just like the tracking numbers.
    5. Hi all, I just got a PM from Decy's husband Sandy. Decy has been ill and in the hospital for the past several days. Sandy gave me a tracking number for my item, hopefully he will contact you all too. I feel bad for Decy, I've always wondered what would happen if I had transactions going, and I became ill or got hurt. Hope she's better soon.
    6. Hi Everyone,

      This is Sandy Saldana, Decy's husband. My wife has been moved to ICU as of last night and has been unable to attend to her responsibilities here in Den of Angels. I am now the one who will be handling her transactions. All of the parcels sent out the previous week has been sent back because our post office closed. I have resent them out today and have been contacting everyone with the confirmation numbers that I have.

      Everyone should be receiving their items by this week. Again, I apologize on behalf of my wife. She is really good at keeping track of these things, but because of her deteriorating health, she has been unable to attend to them.
    7. I just received a Pm as well from Decy's husband see above and am awaiting a hat I purchased. I am also sending my prayers and good thoughts along for Decy as well.
    8. Just received the Pm as well I really hope she gets better soon!
    9. I got a Pm as well, I pray she gets better soon.
    10. UPDATE: I received my item today in the mail in perfect shape! So I consider this thread resolved for me :)!
    11. i didnt get the tracking number but i did receive the pants in the mail today. :3 so resolved! thanks
    12. Got my tracking # and received my item just fine. No problems here.
    13. My package has arrived from Decy as well.. hugs and good thoughts her way
    14. I'm waiting on Doll Family SD boy body that I paid for on 9-17, and I got a tracking number as well. I think the number is from the customs form, but I can't use it for tracking. I'm sure the package is on its way, and will update this thread when it arrives. Decy, I hope you are doing much better.
    15. My package arrived today- This issue is resolved. I hope you get well Decy!
    16. The DF-H body and clothes arrived today, but the body was not as described in the sales thread. I'll reflect this in my feedback. I consider our transaction complete.