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Paging Decy

Oct 28, 2011

    1. I bought a doll from Decy on Oct 11, 2011 and paid the same day (Tuesday). It was Decy's husband Sandy who I dealt with. He said that the doll should ship Thursday (2 days later). The following Monday, I PM'ed this account on DOA and asked if the doll has shipped and didn't get any respond until Oct 20, 2011 when Decy's husband told me the doll had shipped a few days before and he had the tracking at home and will give it to me later that day. I haven't heard anything from Sandy since and still no doll.

      I live only 3 hours drive from Decy and would like to know if the doll has shipped and if yes, I would like to have a tracking # so I know when to expect the doll. If the doll has not shipped, I would like to know when she will be shipped.

      I was informed that Decy is in the hospital and understand that Sandy has a lot on his hands to deal with so I have been very patient but it has been more than two weeks and I am not sure if I will get my doll.

      I pm'ed this account again on Oct 24, 2011 and haven't heard anything back.
      All I want is some communication to let me know what is going on on this transaction.
      I wish Decy the best of luck and a speedy recovery.
      Can someone help me contact Decy or her husband regarding our transaction?
      Thanks very much.
      Best regards!
    2. Decy's account was last active on 24OCT. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I'd like to add to this paging thread. I bought a Switch wig from Decy on September 11 and paid immediately. I heard from her husband Sandy that she was ill on October 6. At that time I told him he could wait to ship it until things had settled down.

      On October 25 I messaged Decy as I noticed someone had set up a few sales threads using her account on October 11. I haven't heard back. If she is well enough to sell other items, or if her husband has the time on his hands to do it for her, I'd like to know when my wig will be sent. Only seems reasonable, as it's been six weeks since I paid for the wig.
    4. I truly understand your frustration and for that I am truly sorry. We left Washington the day after I have sent out the items, because we had to transfer Decy to New York for her treatment. I am saddened to say that she is not getting any better and I know that's not an excuse for all of your parcels. I was not aware that it hasn't reached you all yet, and I am almost guaranteeing it that the post resent them back to the house. (they've been doing this for a while now).

      I will be back home on Monday morning and I will see to it that everything gets taken care of. I will get all of your confirmation numbers sent by Monday afternoon and send all of you your PM's. Like I said before, my wife is so good at doing this and I was left in the dark. I have no idea how to do this, because this is her joy and hobby, but I'm doing my best.

      I will see to it that everything gets taken care of. Again, I am offering my sincerest apology.

      I know that sometimes, it will say that she was logged on. i think I must have left her logged on in our computer at home. But when I am logged on, I usually post something up.

      Thank you everyone.
    5. I got a PM from Sandy (Decy's husband) with the same content as post #4. I hope to hear from Sandy soon when he is back on Monday and will update this thread accordingly.
    6. I got the exact same message as #4, which is confusing as I bought my wig weeks before baongoc80101bought her item. Hopefully this will resolve soon!
    7. Update: 11/7/2011 - Nothing from Sandy since he last posted here and still no doll. I am going to wait until Nov 17 and will contact paypal on Nov 18 to either get refunded or have paypal help me contact Sandy through paypal. I'll update this thread prior to Nov 17 if I have better news.

      Hi sakuraharu,
      I think Sandy may have pm'ed both of us at the same time.
      Did you hear anything back from Sandy? I haven't heard anything since he last pm'ed both of us.

      I just sent him a PM today with the following content:

      Hello Sandy,
      It is now Monday, one week after the Monday you said you were going to see that things are taken care of. I still haven't heard back from you and the doll is still not here.

      I think at this point, you are fully aware of the situation and I don't plan to send you anymore messages. This is what I plan to do. Since I still want the doll and in case you still want to ship her, you have until November 11, 2011 to ship her. It should not take too long for her to travel to me since we are only 3 hours drive away.

      I am sorry that I have to do this but I think I don't have any better option. On November 18, 2011, I will contact paypal since the 45 days is approaching fast, to either get my money back or have them help me contact you to ship the doll.

      Wishing Deci the best in her treatment.
      Best regards,
    8. The moderators are aware that Sandy is trying to finalize these sales. The account was last active on 29OCT. Please keep this thread updated.
    9. I have a similar story to all of you above. I paid for a Doll in early October and have received the same messages and have the same issue as everyone else. I have repeatedly sent messages to Decy/Sandy in an effort to receive even a shipping number, and have not received anything.

      I have been waiting a month now, just for a tracking number. Details are almost identical to the previous posters.

      I paid for a Dollfamily Duanyu on October 5th. He was supposed to be sent out on the 11th and I requested insurance and the tracking numbers. I paid extra to get the insurance. I received a PM on the 17th that confirmed he was sent out, but that the tracking number had been left at home. I was promised the tracking numbers that afternoon. I never received them.

      I waited 2 weeks, just on the off chance he had been shipped and Sandy was too busy with Decy to get back to me. The doll never came, so I sent a PM on October 28th. I received the same bulk message as everyone else on the 29th.

      I have sent a PM to Decy on the 4th of November, and this morning, inquiring about -any- information regarding the doll. The last I heard from Decy/Sandy was the 29th of October.

      I truly hope this can be resolved soon.
    10. I have had no further communication from Decy or her husband. Here is the problem I am having understanding all of this.:

      I bought a wig on September 11. I received an email October 6, three weeks later, saying Decy was sick.

      But if she is/was sick, why was she or her husband continuing to sell items during this time? I received an email that Decy was sick on October 6. But five days later a new sales thread was created. At the very least, it should have been disclosed in the thread that items might take a while to ship due to illness. Alternatively, knowing that sickness had caused an item ordered 3 weeks prior not to be shipped, any other sales threads should have been deleted. Yet additional items were sold October 5 and 11, even though s/he'd been unable to follow through on prior sales.

      I'm having another problem with this timeline, as well. The bulk email that several of us received says that day after the items were sent, Decy and Hubby had to travel cross country to a different hospital. So does this mean that my (or someone else's) items were actually shipped? And when did this trip happen? Was it the day after my items were shipped (I have no idea when that might have been)? The day after Kumokasumi's items were supposedly sent (October 11)? The day that baongoc80101's items were to be shipped (October 13)? Obviously it can't be all three.

      I'm sad that Decy is very ill and I understand the stress her husband must be under, but it doesn't seem smart or reputable to continue selling items when you haven't been able to deliver stuff you've already been paid for.

      At this point it is too late for me to get a refund through paypal. I am emailing Decy/Sandy tonight, and if I don't hear back by Tuesday November 15, I'll have no alternative but to leave negative feedback.
    11. My item was supposedly shipped out on the 17th of October, and the tracking number was left at home. I was promised the tracking numbers, but never received them. Then, when I inquired on the 28th, I was assured that on Monday afternoon, I would receive tracking numbers and a confirmation that the doll had been shipped out.

      I would be less anxious and frustrated if there were communication. Emails or pm's don't take that long to do, and I'm sure everyone involved would be less upset if there were some NEWS as to what was going on. I am more willing to accept an email that says "I'm sorry, things just haven't lead to my being able to ship things out" Or at least an assurance that YES, my items DID, in fact, get sent back to the house and that the doll is there, waiting to be reshipped.

      I don't mind the wait. What I'm having trouble with is the lack of communication and updates. Like Sakuraharu, I am unable to get a refund from paypal, and I must rely on Sandy/Decy to fulfill the promises made. It is my sincerest hope that this series of problems will be resolved, just as the last batch of trouble-orders was.

      I have already left feedback that was informative, rather than negative, but like Sakuraharu, if I have to wait too much longer just for INFORMATION, never-mind the actual item, I, too, will be forced to leave negative feedback. I believe it was poor judgement not to leave some sort of disclaimer on the Sales threads stating that delivery may be delayed due to circumstances out of the seller's control, from health or from Post Office issues if you did not feel like divulging the exact nature of Decy's health.

      Omitting this has left a lot of people frustrated, and has risked the good-standing Decy has had on Den of Angels.

      Please be aware that I am not trying to make things more difficult than they already are. I understand Decy's health is failing, and that it is difficult to juggle this and hospitals and whatever else may be happening, but communication costs very little time and is worth so much to those who are waiting. I implore whoever is handling these transactions: Please send word ASAP. Thank you.
    12. It has now been over one month since the doll was supposed to have been shipped out initially, and I still have received neither a doll, nor a tracking number and have had no contact with Decy/Sandy since the 'mass' email on the 28th of October. My last PM to Decy/Sandy was on the 10th of this month.
    13. A quick update: It has been more than a month for me since I paid (10/11). I finally contacted paypal this morning. At this point, my only hope is to get my money back. I have lost hope of getting the doll. My last PM to Decy/husband was on 11/10, as stated in post #7 above.
    14. I've gone and left feedback, as my ultimatum for Decy was ignored. baongoc90101 and Kumokasumi, I hope you are able to get a refund from paypal, and I hope you leave appropriate feedback as well.
    15. Same problem here..I bought a doll from Decy on October 17, the last communication with her husband was a message on October 30 saying that the item was already shipped and maybe it returns to their home.
      I really hope for Decy's quick and full recovery but the worse thing here is the total lack of communication. Assuming that the doll was shipped, maybe it really return to Decy and Sandy's home, it's also possible that they hold the package at the custom, I have no way to know without tracking number.

      If something will change I will update this feedback.
    16. Decy's account last logged in yesterday. Please continue to keep this thread updated.
    17. If Decy/Sandy logged in, they did not make any effort to contact me. I have been checking my inbox twice a day since the 29th of October. I sent a message on the 10th of this month, and that was the last I sent. I will send another message today, as it has been almost one month since the last time Decy/Sandy contacted any of us.
    18. Nothing here, either. :(
    19. I finally received my doll while I was out of town and she stayed outside. Luckily, the box was safe and was not missing. However, she was packed really poorly and got chips and scratches on her face and body. An extra set of hands was supposed to be part of the sale but was not included. I have pm'ed Decy's account about a week ago regarding this and have not received any response. I am not sure if this is closed for me since I didn't receive everything in the sale.
    20. baongoc80101: May I ask, if you can see, what the shipping date was on the label for your doll? I'm curious about actual ship-dates, since it should not have taken that long, even in the holiday rush. Thank you!