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Paging Dee Musgrave - UNRESOLVED

Jan 25, 2010

    1. I didn't want to open this since I think its a little overboard for this type of predicament but here goes. Dee Musgrave entered a group order I am running and the order day is drawing near to close. I have already sent her several PMs asking her to reply and confirm she is still interested in the order. I have no other way besides PM to contact her.

      She was last on the forums back in Decemember 25th. Nearly a month ago.

      Bottom line... I am giving her till Wednesday the 27th to either voluntarily leave the group and I will not leave flaky feedback or... if there is no reply when the 27th comes and goes. I will drop her and leave her flaky feedback in her thread.

      :( Sorry. I hope she is okay. I don't like this situation so I hope she surfaces and this will be resolved.
    2. I already asked a mod if this was okay to post and they said yes.
    3. Dee Musgrave was last on the forum 25DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    4. No answer. She is dropped from group order.
    5. You may post "flakey feedback" in her individual feedback thread or post a link back to this thread.