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Apr 14, 2012

    1. On April 4 Deejy_but contacted me to make a trade with me. My Delf The moon Type 2 Normal skin, againts her Impldoll pink skin girl body. I tell her i would prefere a Full doll as a trade. She suggest to give me her Dorisy. That i accept, During the conversation on the same day. Since it was her first boy i told her i would give her a black fur wig, a marine pair of pants, and eyes so she can start up. She offered me a wig, kimono and eyes. Never she mentionned or in her thread that the left hand as a broken and repaired finger. Unknowing that I shipped on April 5 giving her the tracking number.
      She answered by
      Re: Delf moon trade

      Your girl will be shipped out tomorrow! I Can't Wait!!

      That i answered ok no prob. Then she sent me a message explaining that she was shipping it via her office. and she didn't have tracking yet

      Re: Delf moon trade

      XD KK I'll get tracking on your girl today. i had to get bubble wrap for her so i couldn't ship her yesterday, bet she will be shipped today from my office!!! XD

      On April 11 She give me the tracking number and tell me he arrived

      Re: Delf moon trade

      Then i waited cause she shipped slower and i received the doll on April 13

      I was with my friend when we opened the box there was the wig (that i didn't see right away) A donut, a S hook, a hook for the high heel feet, the high heel feet, a kimono and eyes + Doll.

      AT My first suprise when i open her. i saw this:


      I was suprised and shocked to see this i went to look on her thread to see if i MISSED it.. could had happen. but nope! so i wonder.

      The face up was damaged and we had t o clean her whole body. i couldn'T clean the face more i was starting to rip the face up. so i stopped. (see damaged further down)

      At first i didn't see the wig so i Messaged her asking her if she could refund for the hand and wig (that i obviously didn't see (i feel bad about that) That i would have to find or change.

      She sent me the first note:

      Re: Delf moon trade

      When I shipped it the wig was in the box, there was no dirt in the faceup, and all of the fingers were in tact, this trade was indeed not fair, because I sent a long heat-resistant wig, a kimono, and glass eyes. I also included an extra pair of feet, though that would have been included anyway. I sent the doll in PERFECT condition, whatever customs did is not my respoinsibility, i insured the package and can bring up the subject with usps, or whoever else, but i will not now nor ever send money or replacement hands. You did not do your best to offer a fair trade, in fact, i turned a blind eye to certain problems, and went along with it. When my doll arrived he was poorly strung and the ear had been chipped, though i was fine with that because dolls can be restrung. I don't know what kind of fool you take me for but i shipped that wig, and that doll in perfect condition.

      The extra pair of feet was on her thread post i didn'T ask it was supose to be in as the thread mention.

      The way i sent my doll i think the strung was ok, the Luts has a back kick problem that i know so never paied much attention.

      For the ear i am really sure it wasn't broke. Sadly the picture doesn'T show his ear. But when i asked her to show me the Chip that was missing she answered:

      Re: Delf moon trade

      I can't take a pic of the ear because i have already fixed it. APoxie puttie is magic.

      So i never saw the *chip* she told me about, Before i experience bad stuff with Dorisy she was saying she was super happy about it.

      After finding the wig i said sorry for the wig part but wasn't much happier about the fact that the hand was broken and reglued. She kept insisting that she didn'T do that.

      I'm well aware that sometimes you get a doll and sell it you might put her in ab ox and NEVEr look at her.
      I told her that i received it like this, and would liek to get a small amount to get new hands. then she answered me this:

      Re: Delf moon trade

      I will not send you any money for the hand because not only did I trade DOWN with this transaction, but what happened in customs or during transit is not my fault.

      When we discussed about the trading i whiped the face up as she demanded, clean the entire body. and shipped I accepted the trade SHE asked me. so i don't know why she complain abotu the Trade down since she's the one who asked for it.

      All i want is People to know that she don't assume that i received a damaged doll. that she don't have proof that the doll wasn't broke before shipping neither does she have proof of the chip on the ear.

      Damaged on her face up i can't take out


      I'm sad that i have to get to this point.

    2. Queen0fspades was the DOA member who was with me while we opened the package. She helped me Clean the body and the face up the best she could.
    3. Deejy_but was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    4. HE is here, and acknowledges that the doll is broken, but I did not break it, and therefore will not send any money. Also, I cannot send any pics of the damaged ear, because, the minute I realized that the ear was broken, I broke out my apoxie puttie and fixed it. I did not complain until then because, I didn't care. I complained when I did, because you were getting angry at me, for something done by customs, or during transit, which is beyond my control, and I will not stand for that. I have wanted a delf moon for awhile now, and it's not hard to patch up an ear and cover the fix with blushing. I say that I traded down because i sent a long HEAT-RESISTANT wig, 12-14 mm GLASS eyes, a HAND MADE Yukata, and the doll came with a face-up I had painted. What I got back was, a doll, acrylic eyes, a mohair wigs and pants. The doll was horribly strung, the strings were twisted and frayed, the arms were much too loose, and the legs were tight enough to grind and damage. the doll is also stained which was not mentioned in the sales thread. The wig bareley fits on the dolls head, but with a wig cap and rubber bands the wig fits, to an extent. I was less than pleased with this trade and therefore stand by what i say. If asked i can post pictures of the staining.
    5. Also the dolls head cap had been forced on upside-down and was therefore damged and no longer fits.
    6. All i ever asked is the adknoqledge of the fact the hand was broken and repair before shippement and wasnt mention you say you acknowledge but never told me! I hate doing paging and all this stuff. Never mind i dont need the stresse of these in my life. I'm satisfied with the answer good night!
    7. I want to be sure: you acknowledge that the hand was broke but repaired before shipmen without telling in your thread! And you CANT show me proof that his ear was brroke before i ship? And now put of nowhere you find almost a week after that alot of stuff is wrong without proof? I shipped and packed him the best i could with Everythin you asked me! Im sorry btw i thouth u were a female. I just dont apreciate the fAct that u knew that the hand was damage and didnt say in your thread!!
    8. A: The hand wasn't damaged when packaged, so no I didn't say so, in the thread.
      B: I didn't all of a sudden find things wrong with the doll a week later, it was there the whole time, but I didn't say anything, because unlike you, I can fix these dolls. I told you when I did because, I wasn't going to take your accusatory bitching lying down. Also, I have plenty of proof that the hand wasn't broken before I shipped, just look in the sales thread, there are pictures of the hands.
    9. So you are saying that the hand wasn't damaged arrived damaged and glued? and second the hand you show is hte RIGHT hand hidding the LEFT .. unless you have proof of it!

      Second: If it left un damaged and the Custom open it and broke it by ACCIDENt i would have get a NONE gluged hand, and some Custom to pay for it! they didn't open it arrived at me BROKEn and glued back

      Unless you have proof for the suposly damaged part of my doll, Then you have no proof.

      What you say makes no sens. I have a DOA Member who was beside me when i open she can testified. I took picture of the hand and face up when arrive the Day i open it.

      I'M mad. How can you obviously think i will receive a Dmg Hand and never Say anything and don't even say it on your Thread.

      it's againts the rules of DoA to not say when a doll is Damaged.

      The Hand arrived Damaged and glued back Unless your USPS reglued it. Her Hand was broke and you didn't say it!
    10. You said it right there, " unless your USPS glued it," that's always possible, because, if I had broken it, a: I wouldn't use pink glue, b: I would say so, and c: I would pay you for it or send a replacement hand. Since the package was insured I can take it up with USps and keep you updated.
    11. Look wiht Usps but i know that when a custom open a package i have to Pay to get it back. so i highly doubt. If it's Usps they would refund the amount you say. Please look that side if it is i will say sorry for accusing you of these otherwise i will keep my point that She arrived with a glued hand That was not discribed.
    12. Hi i was wondering if you had any news of Usps?
    13. If you get an Actual Confession of Usps i will want a proof Signed by Usps that they actually broke it and repaired it Unless this proof i won't be satisfied and will still think that you send it wihtout telling me.

      Plus I am pretty sure Usps if they break it. DON'T repair.
    14. This is the SEcond day without News, Do you have ANSWER from Usps????
    15. Third Day wihtout News i'm starting to think that you are avoiding and letting me know that iwas right. Plus you have 1 Negative feedback about a swap you did..... -_-
    16. A: I'm not giving you any updates because I'm not getting any , take a chill pill
      B: you were not part of that swap and it is being taken care of, it is still none of your concern
      C: you obviously have no real interest in this hobby or you wouldn't be selling the impldoll dorisy at the drop of a hat
      D: dear mods you won't have to worry about any of this happening ever again because the only time I will have anything to do with the marketplace after this will be swaps.
    17. I just wanted update a some" im checking " would have been enought! Yes i love the hobby i remind u that you offer the trade, i accepted i didnt think she was this big just not the kind i wanted, thats all and for the swap sorry im looking at back up. Please keep me updated!!
    18. Okay, I'm sick of this back and forth and I'm not giving up on this hobby, so what is the quickest way to resOlve this whole thing without monetary exchange?
    19. The only way you can resilve is admittimg the hand was broke before sending! And give me another pair of hands im sorry but i was sad to realize that the doll looked perfectly fine and arrived broked! If u accept this i could make the doll happier !
    20. Hello, i'm sorry for the prolonged period of inactivity, how can we resolve this issue? I will accept responsibility for the fact that the doll is broken, I contacted USPS but never received a reply. I would like to solve this problem, and get this whole thing sorted out so that everyone can be happy.